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advice on opk sticks

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yellowflowers Mon 13-Oct-08 13:02:43


I am either cd 16/17/18 today depe'nding on what day of my last period was cd1 (dont know as was very odd period which is long story oand is on other threads, but assuming for now it was real period...). My cycle is usually 30 days though can be up to 37.

Did opk stick today. did them all last week up until Thurs and always blank - no second line at all. Didn't manage to do Fri/Sat/Sun but did today and got light line so not a positive. My question is, might they be tail end of surge - eg would have been positive on fir/sat/sun (that is when I didn't do them) and now tailing off in which case great as I BDd on Thurs, Sat and Sun, or might it be the beginning or a surge and will be positive tomorrow or next day in which case have to carry on BDing. I ask because BD today and tomorrow nigh on impossible due to various reasons so now can't do it until Wed evening at earliest.

yellowflowers Mon 13-Oct-08 14:03:57


PixelHerder Mon 13-Oct-08 16:36:06

I think it could be either as you can get a faint line at both the beginning and end of the surge.

Do you have enough sticks to carry on testing about every 12 hours over the next couple of days so you have a better chance of being sure?

yellowflowers Mon 13-Oct-08 17:51:14

Am getting loads of ewcm today so I reckon maybe it's end of surge but have loads of sticks (cheapie ebay ones) so can test a couple of times a day for next few days - main thing is if it's happened already then we caught it with the BDing and if it's about to happen we might not be able to.

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