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Please help - im in limbo land!

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littlemissmischief Mon 13-Oct-08 08:10:02

Ok - so the story so far, I usually have a cycle of 41-42 ays and have only had one of 56 and am now on CD51 so quite sure im late. Boobs are huge and sore and really veiny just like when I was pg with DS.

Did a sainsburys test this morning and got a really faint line, so faint you had to hold it a certain way but you could defo see it (so did dp) so decided to do my CB freebee but it came up 'not pregnant'.
What would you think and what would you do now? Normally would just wait till tom and try again but going away with family today who dont know anything about it and all living in one accomdation?? hmm

Any help advice welcome x

lillypie Mon 13-Oct-08 08:20:03

Good morning lmm,if I were you I would just relax forget about it for a little while and enjoy your time away with your family.

If your not careful ttc can take over your whole life.

I didn't bother temping for the two weeks I was on holiday.I didn't get pregnant but I felt relaxed and free.

It took all the pressure off and when I came back I felt relaxed and ready to start again.

WanabeMum Mon 13-Oct-08 17:15:01

hey littlemiss i'd say go with your heart! can't you sneak a pg test in your case and pee on in while your away? otherwise, if it were me, i'd be thinking about the "what if's" the whole time i was away!

good luck x

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