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Can you have all the signs and symtoms of ovulation and not ovulate?

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popadopalis Sun 12-Oct-08 21:25:23

Not sure if this is the right topic to post this thread on but I thought someone may know about ovulation on here. Please can someone help me?! Almost four weeks ago I had ewcm and had a huge surge in hormones (I didn't do any test just knew the difference in myself and went a bit nuts and had mood swings for days!). I was expecting Af about two weeks later but I'm still waiting. I know the most obvious thing to do would be a pregnancy test but I really don't think I am pregnant and have been using condoms. Is it possible to get all the signs and symptoms of ovulation and not ovulate? Or is it possible to ovulate and not get a period? If anyone can shed any light on this situation then please do! Thanks.

popadopalis Sun 12-Oct-08 21:30:48

Anyone? Please help!

popadopalis Sun 12-Oct-08 21:33:47


Diege Sun 12-Oct-08 21:39:27

Hi POP I'm no expert, but do know that it's possible for your body to gear up for ovulation but never actually release an egg. You may even get an LH lurge on a opk, but then don't ovulate. It's quite normal for this to happen occasionally.
Are you sure you're not pregnant??? grin

popadopalis Sun 12-Oct-08 21:49:03

I'm pretty sure! I was just getting a bit worried that there was something wrong with my cycle. I'm still breastfeeding my second so wasn't worried about not ovulating but once I thought I had I was expecting Af who decided not to visit after all! That got me worried. When I got pregnant last time I knew I was even though the first few tests told me I wasn't. I know it's not the most accurate way of telling but I still hate seeing a -ive test, even if I don't particularly want to get pregnant right now, due to the struggles we had ttc dd. I just needed to hear that it's normal to put my mind at rest. I probably didn't ovulate at all. Thanks.

heylottie Sun 12-Oct-08 21:50:28

You can deffo gear up to ovulate and then not do so, or your body can give a half-hearted attempt at ovulating and then it not happen. So by reckoning you are now two weeks late for your period... or you are about to ovulate (or not) again if you have 28 day ish cycles. Either way, test and good luck!!!! x

popadopalis Sun 12-Oct-08 22:02:58

Thank you. I feel better now having it confirmed twice. My cycles were all over the place before I got pregnant with dd and then I only had two cycles before faling pregnant with ds so I have no idea what they're like! I reckon I just didnt ovulate even though my body seemed to be giving all the signals. I'm breastfeeding ds a lot more than I did dd at the same age, purely cos he's not weaning himself off as quickly as she did so it's probaly affecting my cycles more. If I start feeling sick I'll start to panic! wink

MrsHappy Sun 12-Oct-08 22:07:27


As others have said, it is possible for your body to show signs of ovulation and for no egg to be released. When I was BF my DD, my periods returned after 14 weeks (grr) but were very irregular (cycles of up to 90 days!) and I had lots of times when I would get mood swings/ovulation cramps and then nothing would happen.

Plus, when I get EWCM and ovulation pain, it is always over a number of days and I could ovulate anywhere in those days, so without temping it would be v hard to know when my period is due.

If you've used condoms, the overwhelming odds are that you are not pregnant.

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