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Can anyone please help me?

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mini10 Fri 10-Oct-08 17:15:24

I am 44 and desperate for another dc. No period for four months but doc won't test me for perimenopause as says results can vary month to month. (was on mini pill for a while and she reckons this may have upset things) Am contemplating a home test but this would not give me an fsh level and also it is urine and not blood. Doc Told me to go away and try to get preg natuarally before any intervention and go back after 6 months. I think it is silly to wait this long before getting help.

From the moment i went to see her i have read about menopause symptoms and keep thinkin i have them. I can't sleep and wakeup in a hot sweat and panic but did not have this until the day the doc mentioned early menopause. Could it be psychosomatic. I am so upset and anxious it is like i have plunged into depression.

I want testing now, how can i find a decent private place for testing

thanks for reading.

mini10 Fri 10-Oct-08 17:39:37


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