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EWCm and Ov pred tests

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WowOoo Tue 07-Oct-08 14:32:37

If I have EWCM, but ov tests says no, then does that mean I am not ovulating now or soon?
DH is getting lucky tonight anyway, but are these tests accurate?
Can you have EWCm without ovulating is my question, I suppose!

jassara Tue 07-Oct-08 14:58:34

Hi there, I get EWCM 4 days before I ovulate. I know because I use a Persona monitor. So keep testing for the next few days and good luck!

Stanvick Thu 09-Oct-08 20:51:42

sorry to be a bit clueless but what is EWCM?

wasabipeanut Thu 09-Oct-08 21:12:49

EWCM - Egg White Cervical Mucus.

Yeah I used ov sticks for the 1st time this month and the 1st EWWCM appeared 2 days before I got a positive test. Keep testing and perhaps test twice a day? I only got a positive for one day (CD15) so assume that was the end of the surge. Would be nice to know more though hence advice to try twice a day.

wasabipeanut Thu 09-Oct-08 21:13:18

Either way I'd say get busy in the bedroom! wink

ilovemcdreamy Thu 09-Oct-08 22:27:40

Hi Wowoo

The EWCM is present for a longer window of time than the hormone which triggers the positive result on the OPK. So while you are producing EWCM you are definitely fertile and could get pregnant even though you might not ovulate for another few days. Sperm can survive in EWCM for up to 5 days! If I were you I would ditch the OPKs. They are expensive, can be misinterpreted and don't work for all women, added to which they only give a relatively narrow window of fertility which is not reflective of your true fertile time. The best thing to do is have sex on all your EWCM days (not every other day unless you DH has sperm count issues). Oh and by the way (TMI warning!) sometimes the morning after the night before it's tricky to tell the difference between EWCM and leftover seminal fluid. EWCM will be stretchier than semen. If in doubt do a few pelvic floor exercises while on the loo in the morning to get rid of any leftover semen, which will have done its job by then anyway and then keep an eye out for any fresh EWCM later in the day. If in doubt, bonk again! Sorry to bore on about EWCM - it's my pet subject!wink

Hope that helps.

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