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Is it possible to feel a pregnancy 'sign' at conception or just after?

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fifitot Mon 06-Oct-08 20:22:38

You can tell me I'm mad if you like but just wondering as tried really hard to get pg this month and think I only OVd yesterday but have done loads of bding. Since yesterday my nipples are soooooooooo sore. This isn't usual.

Is it possible I would feel something so extremely early or am I just mad?

Moomin Mon 06-Oct-08 20:25:18

mad grin

wishful thinking I think. remember that stress (which is what you're doing by obsessing so much) can hinder conception. the sperm might not have even met the egg yet!!

WriggleJiggle Mon 06-Oct-08 20:27:15

At 4 weeks I felt incredibly sick. It was really wierd. Have never felt anything like it before or since, so I'm sure it was connected.

fifitot Mon 06-Oct-08 20:27:40

I'm not stressed tbh just curious.

I am 99% convinced I am mad but there's just a tiny bit of me that thinks I may be. Anyway I'll know either way shortly so watch this space!!!!

BTW -did anyone 'know' they were pregnant immediately after conception?

ladytophamhatt Mon 06-Oct-08 20:27:51

Hmmmm, well I knew I was PG the morning after the deed with ds3.

I just felt PG....

fifitot Mon 06-Oct-08 20:28:40

4 weeks is a reasonable stretch of time though, I am talking around 1 day!!!!

I am mad I know but god my nipples are sore!

ladytophamhatt Mon 06-Oct-08 20:37:38

fifitot, we x posts....look at my post just before yours.


mellyonion Mon 06-Oct-08 20:44:15

i'm mad too...i felt a kind of "pop" when got pg with my dc1...i'm sure it was me ovlating...i just knew...

i also had a very sure feeling with dc2 almost within hours after...

i knew too when i conceived with dc3.....not anything i coul put my finger on at all, just a strong feeling......

i was right every time! grin

hope you get the resut you're after....wink

stayinbed Mon 06-Oct-08 20:47:08

i had noticed my belly popped out so i tried to eat very little for two days to make it go away. it didnt work so i told dh 'i must be pg'. he said 'you probably have gas'. about a week later he asked, 'so are you pg?' i told him ihadn't checked since he said it was gas. that day i bought a test, indeed i was pg. i went to the doctor the next day, i was already 9 weeks!!

WriggleJiggle Mon 06-Oct-08 20:50:13

Yes, I knew instantly, well the next morning. I don't know how, but I just knew.

pickie Mon 06-Oct-08 20:56:38

Same here, I just knew! I said the day after I am pregnant, DH yeh right, 3 weeks later, two lines grin

fifitot Mon 06-Oct-08 21:00:09

ladytophamhatt - I can't find your post. What did it say?

Anyway - thanks for the replies. Keep them coming, really curious on how people 'knew'.

Bluebutterfly Mon 06-Oct-08 21:09:11

I tried to conceive no.2 for a long time and "saw" early symptoms that weren't there (or I was just hyper-aware of pre menstrual symptoms that I didn't normally pay that much attention to). Then I would get my period.

Until I didn't.

The only symptom for me for an actual "positive" result was a very late period. And two positive pregnancy tests.

Because it took so long to get pg, I eventually decided to ignore (in particular) the following:

breast tenderness
mild nausea
mild cramping

These are all pgy symptoms but they are more usually signs that AF is about to arrive. So it is best to not read to much into them until your period is REALLY late. Then do a pg test.

Otherwise you will be torturing yourself each month.

Bluebutterfly Mon 06-Oct-08 21:11:05

meant "too much" and also meant to add:

don't want to be pessimistic - just letting you know my experience. I hope you are right, though - good luck!

anniemac Mon 06-Oct-08 21:31:24

Message withdrawn

Bluebutterfly Tue 07-Oct-08 08:00:57

melly, I don't want to sound too critical, but I think that if people could "feel" themselves ovulating then getting pg would be close to an exact science. I don't know what the "pop" was for you but unless you are in fact a chicken, i doubt you were laying an egg...grin Yes, mad (you said it, first)

macaco Tue 07-Oct-08 08:14:32

well, some people do supposedly get ovulation pain, remember learning about it in biology.

SpandexIsMyEnemy Tue 07-Oct-08 08:19:13

well my nan swears blind she knew every time she was PG the day after the deed on account of her throwing up literally every 2 mins all the time. this was some 50 years ago thou.

beanieb Tue 07-Oct-08 08:44:59

It's unlikely - it can take a week or more after ovulation for the egg ro implant and it's only at that point that the 'pregnancy hormones' are released.

The fertilised egg has a long journey after Ovulation.


beanieb Tue 07-Oct-08 08:46:45

stayinbed - if you were already nine weeks then you probably conceived the cycle before smile

mellyonion Tue 07-Oct-08 09:39:09

blue butterfly..

i completely agree with what you are saying...i'm just speculating about me ovulating at that popping moment...i have no idea what it was....but i know i got pg that very same night!.....i have just sent the proof off to school! grin

i also agree that only a pregnancy test can tell you for sure that you're pg....but, even without any physical symptoms at the very start, i had a very strong intuitive feeling that i was pg each time that i was.

mellyonion Tue 07-Oct-08 09:40:50

(meant to add, that i've never felt the pop before or since...odd? moi? wink)

anniemac Tue 07-Oct-08 10:45:47

Message withdrawn

uglybugly Tue 07-Oct-08 10:59:12

To be honest, I never had any 'signs' - or any that I would have been aware of until I saw that line on my pg test. I was late, hoping against hope that I was pregnant but also being scared shiteless that I was (age, tests, long gap between first, previous probs).

It was only when I saw the blue line then I got the whole range of symptoms including itchy sore boobs, nausea, overwhleming narcolepsy, feeling like I could eat the contents of my fridge in one sitting. I am convinced now that symptoms are psychsomatic. My friend didn't find out she was pg until 22 weeks, and the only thing she said she felt was a 'bit odd' grin

electra Tue 07-Oct-08 11:07:52

With this pregnancy I had what I think was an implantation bleed and then two days later I woke up and had an immediate wave of nausea which felt like morning sickness. At that point I felt that something seemed odd.

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