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Faint Positive on Test

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flynn1984 Sun 05-Oct-08 17:12:13


After having many symptoms like constipation, bloatedness fatigue and lower abdomin pain and being 7 days late I decided to take a test today and it gave me a very very faint positive...could this be accurate or a false positive?
Any help/advise greatly appreciated!

Laura x

janestillhere Sun 05-Oct-08 17:17:24

I would say it's positive!
But then I would be rushing out to buy another for in the morning when your hormone levels will be higher (first wee of the day)
Congratulations smile

wonderstuff Sun 05-Oct-08 17:18:47

I don't think you get false positives, only false negatives
Congratulations grin

flynn1984 Sun 05-Oct-08 17:21:29

Here's hoping!
Been trying for so long. Trying not to get too excited yet, but can't help myself!

stayinbed Sun 05-Oct-08 17:25:25

my two faint positives were positive. i think its either pregnant or not, faint or other, but of course you need to go to a scan...good luck!

flynn1984 Sun 05-Oct-08 17:53:06

I couldn't wait till tomorrow to retest.
Did another one there using the same brand as before (tesco) and again I got the faint positive...starting to get excited now

Mandy73 Sun 05-Oct-08 18:02:00

You should. Hooray! smile

BBeingpatient Sun 05-Oct-08 18:15:19

positive is positive! well done lady!!

flynn1984 Sun 05-Oct-08 18:49:57

thank you all i'm really excited now!!!

pippibluestocking Sun 05-Oct-08 18:58:33

My faint positive is now 6 - congratulations!

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