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Temping/opk/cm question - help!

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fifitot Sun 05-Oct-08 11:56:51

Am doing all of above and using Fertility Friend. OV day supposed to be today. I took my temp at 4.30 am (usual time 6) and was fairly low as expected but near my norm for pre ov. Fell back asleep and woke at 6 so took again and it was massively higher. I know I'd been asleep again but thought must have OVd in that 2 hours or so and tbh felt quite crampy.

However did a cheapo ov stick test and got my first postive this week. Plus lots of ewcm.

Basically am asking - is it possible I still haven't ov'd even with the temp rise? Does this mean another night of bding?????? (Can't be @rsed tbh!)

Tangle Sun 05-Oct-08 18:50:51

Depends on how many bases you want to cover!

BD the day after ovulation can get you pregnant, so if you're really trying hard its worth carrying on until you're 110% sure you've O'd.

Its possible that you O'd in those 2 hours, but its also very possible that the raised temp was due to you waking up 1.5 hours before hand and so it wasn't a true BBT reading. You really need 3 sequential raised temperatures before you can say when you O'd with confidence.

Lots of EWCM sounds promising, but when does it normally appear relative to your O date? Some women will get EWCM for a couple of days pre-O, especially if they drink green tea and/or take evening primose oil or similar.

Can't comment on the LPKs as never used them.

Sorry - it sounds like that's not what you want to hear, but that's my take from what I know.

pinkmook Sun 05-Oct-08 19:04:06

Have you tried the temp adjustor thing on FF? You need to type in the temp you took and the time you took it at along with the time you ususally take it and FF will roughly calculate what your temp would have been at your usual waking time


fifitot Sun 05-Oct-08 20:15:27

Thanks. BDd anyway just in case. 5 nights in a row.......can't be @rsed but duty calls and all that!!!

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