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TTC after miscarriage

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Maybebaby76 Thu 02-Oct-08 20:36:09

Hi there

Don't want to start a thread on a neagative vibe but....

Just wanted to see if anybody was TTC right now after a miscarriage / recurrent miscarriage? I am, after 2 and at the moment feel like a jekill and hyde...I want to try so much but am so scared. Surrounded by friends that are pregnant and are announcing pregnancy....terrified that it might never be me sad

SugaryBits Thu 02-Oct-08 20:41:30

Hi Maybe, I'm just waiting for a period after my miscarriage last week. After that I will be TTC again. I feel very nervous about being pregnant again but in the same breath can't wait! I have been told its just bad luck that I have had 2 MC (first one in June) and very unlikely tere is anythng wrong, as I have 2 chldren already. Doesn't make the thought of having to get trough the first 12-13 weeks of pregnanc any easier though.

Do you have any children already, and have you been offered any support or investigations after your mc?

SugaryBits Thu 02-Oct-08 20:42:24

Sorry, my keyboard connection seems to be a bit wierd- missing out random letters.

Maybebaby76 Thu 02-Oct-08 21:05:24

Hi SugaryBits

My internet connection is playing games so I keep posting multiple messages wink

I've just had my period after 2nd MC (7 week wait was torture).

Thank you for sharing, I was told too that it was just bad luck, 3rd time lucky the midwife said on my way out of the EPU.

We don't have any children yet...not sure if this makes things easier or harder to's such a uncertain time for all of us.

I guess we have to keep on trying or else we shall never know.

x x x x x

SugaryBits Fri 03-Oct-08 11:29:09

Hi Maybe, sorry I didn't reply last night- had to go to bed!

The waiting is torture, I feel so frustrated that I have to wait until I have a period before I can even try to conceive again. I keep thinking that I'll just start trying now and not wait for my period but everyone keeps telling me I should have at least one period before TTC.

To make matters worse the midwife has just called me to ask why I wasn't at my booking appointment! I would have thought that as I went to the docs to tell them I was mc and then later admitted to hospital due to hemorrhaging, they would have been able to communicate the message to the midwife.

Good luck Maybe, lets hope we both have some good news next month!

Maybebaby76 Fri 03-Oct-08 14:46:14

Oh SugaryBits,

How awful for the midwife to have called you...quite shocking!

I hope Aunt Flo pays a visit soon for you! It is torture but I think it's best to await her arrival.

For me it was more of a mental thing, I felt that I had to wait for my period to feel that things were back in working order, if that makes sense wink

I hope too that we can share some good news on here soon x x x

Aunt Flo, don't be shy, show your face! wink

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