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TTC after miscarriage

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Maybebaby76 Thu 02-Oct-08 20:35:50

Hi there

Don't want to start a thread on a neagative vibe but....

Just wanted to see if anybody was TTC right now after a miscarriage / recurrent miscarriage? I am, after 2 and at the moment feel like a jekill and hyde...I want to try so much but am so scared. Surrounded by friends that are pregnant and are announcing pregnancy....terrified that it might never be me sad

DawnAS Thu 02-Oct-08 21:24:31

Hey there,

Didn't want to leave this unanswered so just to say, I've only had one MC but in August. Started TTC straight away and got a BFP today grin.

I am terrified, but trying to keep calm.

So all I wanted to say is, just go for it. I know it's easier said than done and I don't know how I would feel if I had another MC but I still think you should bite the bullet and give it another go. Third time lucky hey? Remember that every PG is different.

Good luck hun.


Maybebaby76 Thu 02-Oct-08 21:48:36

Hey DawnAS

Let's not go on the negative let's say wa-hoooo to your fantastic postive news!!

Lots of people have been sending sticky glue on here....may I send some your way!

That is such fantastic news!

3rd time lucky, love it!

So happy for you x x x x

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