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Post-miscarriage, ttc, scared about smear . . .

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smeraldina Wed 01-Oct-08 14:48:18

Hi there, have been lurking here for a while so thought I would post something as I'm in need of a bit of support. Have been trying to conceive since April, got pregnant within the first three months, then miscarried at six weeks. I'm still feeling sad, and bruised, and upset -- it took six weeks for my period to arrive after the miscarriage and I kept on thinking and hoping I was pregnant again (but wasn't).

Anyway - was looking forward to this month, and to trying again in what I hoped was a 'normal' cycle - then a letter arrived reminding me my smear was due. I had an very very slightly abnormal smear (borderline changes or something) in 2004, and then normal ones since then but I had forgotten to go last year, so I'm a year late for this one. And I really really don't want to go incase I find out that there is something abnormal again. I will go. In fact, I've booked it. But I'm just terrified, and frustrated with myself for not having it done before I had tried to conceive, and I keep thinking of all the what ifs (what if it shows as abnormal and I am already pregnant? - what if it shows as abnormal and I'm not pregnant - will I have to stop ttc? What if it is abnormal and I've left it too late - at this point catastrophic thought patterns begin). I know the only logical thing is to go, and I will, and I've already spoken to the nurse at the surgery, but I'm also really fed up with intervention as I had to have a load of prodding and internal scans when I had the miscarriage ....

Anyone been in a similar boat?

MrsIcarus Wed 01-Oct-08 16:37:22

Hi Smeraldina

Sorry you're having such a tough time. I had an abnormal smear test in 2004 and had to have treatment for it. I was really upset at the time, but the procedure was quick and didn't take long to heal. Hopefully IF you had to have treatment it wouldn't get in the way of TTC for too long.

A friend of mine was already pregnant when her abnormal result came back and they waited until she'd delivered her baby before doing the treatment.

You're doing the right thing and being brave by going along for the test. Good luck.

Mrs I

smeraldina Wed 01-Oct-08 16:45:50

Hi Mrs Icarus,

Many thanks for getting back to me - and for sharing your experience, and that of your friend. . . I work from home and am doing not enough of it as I fret about this and surf the web instead to try and find out about smears and pregnancy .... Really so helpful to have your thoughts....will check in again on Friday

Smeraldina, x

DawnAS Wed 01-Oct-08 16:48:43

Hi there,

Just wanted to add my experience, specifically around smears.

I always bleed really heavily during smears (not during AF thought...) and during one of these times, they found abnormal cells. I had to have regular smears then, one a year for 3 years and all came back clear.

Anything abnormal previously wouldn't have shown up as normal smears since, so hopefully you'll be fine.


PS: Good for you for being strong and going though!!

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