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Provera question: Urgent help needed!

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runtus Mon 28-Feb-05 14:27:39

I've been prescribed a 7 day course of Provera (to induce a period) and then a second course of Clomid (to induce ovulation). Now last time I had Progestrone tablets I think I came on about 3 days after the course finished and then on day 2 I started the Clomid.

I am now on day 6 of the provera and have started to bleed - should this happen or am I panicking for no reason, just becuase it was different last time????

Help not sure what to do!

Canadianmom Mon 28-Feb-05 18:41:51

Sorry runtus. I am of no help to you but thought I might bump this so somebody more experienced might see it.
Best wishes.

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