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Tell me I'm not going mad, please

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Champagneforlunch Sun 28-Sep-08 08:24:33

Been feeling sick for about a week now, had put it down to having the cold but did a test last Mon just to be sure(af not actually due till next wed athough could be as earlier as this weekend due to irregular cycles recently).

First test there was a faint but pretty obvious line (although don't know how long this took to appear as because it didn't appear straight away i put the test in the bin then read the instructions properly later on and realised it was a five minute test). Did another just to be sure a couple of hours later not so obvious but still faint line after the five minutes but no longer than ten. Getting excited bought digital test however this was negative and again negative on the Tuesday morning with both digital and cheap internet tests.
Held of and tested yesterday morning with the cheap internet tests and again faint lines then again last night and first thing this morning lines still faint but there.

Is it worth getting another digital test or do I believe the cheap tests. Don't want to get excited over nothing.

belgo Sun 28-Sep-08 08:36:49

It's probably best if you just wait until your period is late - after next wednesday, otherwise you could just be wasting more money on tests that are not giving you a clear answer.

I would say that if the faint lines are coming up after five minutes, then I wouldn't take them as being definite positives, especially as the digital tests have said negetive. This doesn't necessarily mean that you are not pregnant, it just may mean that if you are pregnant, your hormone levels are not high enough yet to give you a positive test result. If you wait until after next wednesday, you are more likely to get a result that you can believe.

I know the waiting is hard....many of us have been there!

Champagneforlunch Sun 28-Sep-08 08:51:51

Thankyou, will try and hold out till Wednesday, I have a huge supply of internet tests which should keep me away from the expensive ones.
Anitbiotics shouldn't affect test, should they?

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