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Pre-seed vs EWCM

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lastboxoftampons Fri 26-Sep-08 14:30:59

Hello all:

Last night we used preseed and instead cups for the first time. All day today I've had what looks like EWCM. I very rarely have EWCM, but I do know what mine feels like. But I wonder if preseed feels the same the next day? I've used just preseed on its own before, but I don't remember this feeling the next day. I wonder if A) I've actually got real EWCM on my own or B) it's leftover semen and preseed from last night that has hung around because of the instead cups (which, I took out this morning before showering).

Any advice is most appreciated! Thank you!

PS: I tried the glass of water trick - whatever it is didn't dissolve, but didn't sink either!

TheUNITUBER Fri 26-Sep-08 14:35:15

I don't know but what are instead cups? <nosy>

lastboxoftampons Fri 26-Sep-08 14:37:57

Hi Unituber! smile

Instead cups are actually meant to catch menstrual flow - like Moon cups or Diva cups (other popular brands) - during your period. Some members of the online TTC community swear that if you insert after BD, it will increase your chances of conceiving as it holds the sperm closer to the cervix for longer. It's debatable and in the 'hang upside down for 15 minutes' category - BUT I will say it does make things neater post-BD! grin

TheUNITUBER Fri 26-Sep-08 18:39:56

I'm sort of wishing I hadn't asked grin

Actually that reminds me of the best ttc tip I have ever seen on these threads (sorry if TMI, but what is TMI these days?...).  One woman said that after sex she propped her hips up on a pillow and then did whatever was necessary to ensure she had an orgasm.  Same concept really, as that makes the cervix dip into the pool of semen below, but I've also read that orgasms help make the CM less acidic, so better for sperm.  Worth a try anyway, IMO.

(I really can't believe the things I write on these threads. Oh well, I've clearly been here too long <sigh>

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