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+ve test result.....but am I definately pregnant?

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Myneaux Fri 26-Sep-08 13:01:24

Hi there everyone

Please help. My husband and I have only been trying for a baby for 2 months after Ive been on the pill for 12 years.

Ive only had one normal period so far....on 25th Aug so dont really know how long my 'normal' cycle would be. bored waiting and did a test yesterday and it was positive.

Got very excited....and couldnt believe my luck but now it all seems a bit unreal. I dont have any symptoms and Im starting to wonder if there could be anyway that the test was wrong.

Have booked in at Docs to make sure but want some advice and reassurance that Im not going mad (hubbie has bought flowers and made a huge fuss.....would feel a bit silly now if there is a chance its a false alarm

Niecie Fri 26-Sep-08 13:05:18

No, it is pretty certain. You are more likely to get a false negative than a false positive.

Same thing happened to me (pill then one period then pregnant). Felt equally unreal too but then the symptoms kicked in at about 6 weeks.

The doctor probably won't do anything anyway, just refer you to a midwife. The tests they have are just the same as those you can buy so they are more than happy to rely on them.

Congratulations by the way.grin

Myneaux Fri 26-Sep-08 13:45:21

thank you....I guess I should be happy that its happened quickly when I was expecting a huge wait !

Niecie Fri 26-Sep-08 13:48:50

I think when you come off the pill, your fertility is at its peak for the first few months, strangely.

How many weeks are you?

Myneaux Fri 26-Sep-08 14:03:32

I think only 4 or last period was 25th August but I have no idea what my 'normal' cycle is.

am slowly allowing myself to get a bit excited now.

How are you doin?

msdisillusioned Fri 26-Sep-08 14:08:12

As an ex midwife Myneaux I can confirm that you are much more likely to get a false negative than a false positive just as Niecie says above.
You're pregnant - congratulations. Don't worry about no symptoms - firstly you are still early into the pregnancy and also some women get none (I didn't with my DS).

Niecie Fri 26-Sep-08 14:15:52

Maybe a bit early for symptoms then. Enjoy being symtom free while you can - they can be horribl although not always. There is a certain amount of comfort to feeling different though, isn't there?

I should say my bfp was 8 in July! Where do the years go?

I still remember the testing/disbelief/'oh my goodness what have I done' feeling very well though! The last feeling was a result of it all being so quick that it was difficult to get my head around it - I never had a chance to long for a baby iyswim. On the other hand it is probably a good thing as having taken 6 years of marriage to make my mind up to have children, there was no hope of me changing my mind back again.grin

Don't remember DS2 half so well - but it took a bit longer and wasn't such a big thing when I had a 2 yr old running me ragged anyway.

Take care of

Niecie Fri 26-Sep-08 14:17:53

Oh xposted with msdisillusioned.

There you go - it's official! A midwife said

Myneaux Fri 26-Sep-08 14:26:05

thank you so much....its does feel a bit more real now !!

will celebrate 2nite with a nice big glass of wine pop !

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