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TTC no 2.

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pop1973 Wed 24-Sep-08 18:49:09

Hi we are trying to conceive number 2 child. Ideally I would like a girl, so that we have one of each.

A little confused about when the best time is to conceive for girl. I know its not guaranteed.

Starting to used the ovulation kits, does anyone know when the best time is to try for a girl.

Any advice appreciated. Anyone else in my current situation.

Tyniclogs Wed 24-Sep-08 18:59:55

Same here! I've read up on it and you want to be BD from the finish of your AF to a couple of days before ovulation to maximise chances of a girl. The science is that girl sperm live longer than boy sperm and by the time the egg is released there will be more girl than boy sperm still alive. If you hit ovulation there is more chance of a boy as the boys are faster swimmers. Additional things which apparently help are: do not orgasm (you not him), and get the chappy to wear snug pants (again it's all to do with killing off the boys and keeping the girls happy). Hope this helps. I'm trying for a girl but am trying not to get too hung up on it and just focus on a healthy baby, it's all a bit of a lottery in the end!

pop1973 Wed 24-Sep-08 19:03:10

We really only have a little time to conceive, as we aren't really that concerned but would prefer to have the baby born in plenty of time before September.

I know, really sad, but we tried last time for a little boy and I found it really helpful having my husband off for some of the summer holidays with me.

I would like the same to happen again.

Tyniclogs, what do you mean by BD and AF, a bit confused by the terms,

Tyniclogs Wed 24-Sep-08 19:12:43

Oh good someone else who isn't familiar with MN language! Its all in the acronym list but AF is period (Aunty Flo) and BD is having sex (Babydancing!). I'd much prefer everyone use the correct terms as I get very confused but I'm posting for the first time and thought I'd better follow the herd!

I'm finding the whole 'I'd like a girl' thing quite hard which is why I'm trying not to think of it too much. I'm convincing myself that I will have a boy and then I'll be surprised if it's not! I've been feeling sick for the last 3 days but am not due on until Oct 3rd so am having another agonising wait. Last month was the same with sickness and tiredness (great with a 2 year old!) but I got bad cramps and a baaaaad period. I can't stand the lack of control of it all!

pop1973 Wed 24-Sep-08 19:15:44

Right, so I need to have BD from couple of days after AF until 2 days before ovulation ??

I find all the medical terms on other website totally confusing, have bought ovulation kits, but they don't tell me a great deal. Got totally confused and this week ended up using 5 of them and then had a AF.

Got all my dates totally muddled up.

What a stressful time this is.

Tyniclogs Wed 24-Sep-08 19:31:41

It so is!

You need to know your definate start date of your period to begin, then ovulation usually happens 14 days after this date (if your cycle is 28 days long from start of period to start of the next). If you have irregular periods you'll need to take temperature readings to make sure when yours is.

Once you know when you're likely to ovulate you then work back a few days and have sex up until that date (for a girl). If you're not that worried about having a girl then just have sex as much as you can once you've finished your period...and then don't stop until another shows up!

I'm very lucky that I'm regular but it must be a lot harder if you have a long or irratic cycle. I hope that's a bit clearer. I shall have my fingers crossed.

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