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accupuncture vs. reflexology

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lastboxoftampons Wed 24-Sep-08 12:07:09

Possibly contemplating one or the other, but don't know much about them. Which, in your opinion (whichever opinion that may be!) is better? Curious to hear from people who have done one or the other or both.

thanks very much!

TheUNITUBER Wed 24-Sep-08 12:10:16

I've only had acupuncture.
I find it very relaxing and it does make me feel better in lots of ways. Plus it helps regulate my cycle.
I can't do reflexology because NOONE IS ALLOWED TO TOUCH MY FEET.

minxi Thu 25-Sep-08 09:19:22

LBOT I did reflexology numerous times during the last couple of years and didn't actually enjoy it and didn't do much for me. Accupuncture stopped the pre 2 day spotting, LP went back to 14 and I was pg within 3 months of going pretty much weekly for 10 weeks after ttc for 2 years, within a couple of weeks I felt relaxed, calmer and cycle was 100 times better... its not cheap was about 38 a session but I thought I'm going to try it for 3 or so months as this before I resort to alternative expensive methods!

rattling Thu 25-Sep-08 13:10:10

Really interested in this as am also considering both in the run up to my first IVF treatment. Acupunture has some reasonable studies behind it (which seem to get disputed then re-instated over and over) while reflexology has been rarely looked at. But I'm not sure I really buy the whole "chi" idea, while I know I'd love getting my feet rubbed - so maybe that is the way to go?

insywinsyspider Thu 25-Sep-08 19:52:18

hi lbof - I'm having reflexology to try and regulate my cycle, only been twice so too soon to tell, its very relaxing but I think accupuncture has more proven history, only reason I took reflexology route first was bit squeemish of needles blush going for couple more sessions of reflex before deciding whether to carry on... sorry just read that and don't think it helps you much!

RosyBelle Thu 25-Sep-08 20:35:46

Have done both! Luv luv luv accupuncture - weirdo I know - but it got me pregnant after 4 yrs of trying, 2 mc's and 2 failed attempts at IVF.
Reflexology relieves the swelling in my ankles but thats about it... I don't get much else from it... but when I leave accupuncture I really feel like its done some good. She also gives me an Indian head massage once my needles are in which is lovely.
I suggest having a session of both, opting for the 1 that you find most rewarding and then sticking to that 1.

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