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TTC and needing advice

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flynn1984 Tue 23-Sep-08 20:52:36

Hi there, i'm new to this website and looking for info.

I have been ttc for over 16months now, been on clomid for a while...have taken it for 4 cycles and my blood tests every month have shown no ovulation, although my cycle days have went from 60 odd down to 35 days. Also had a diag. laparoscopy which showed that everything inside is fine, also husband was tested and he is fine, he has good swimmers.
The doc has confirmed that I will now go on 100mg of clomid for my last 2 cycles of using the medication, and also that I do not have PCOS or edimetriosis (please excuse spelling)

I am wondering if there is anyone out there who is, or who has, went through this and could tell me how you dealt with this? I am desp for my first baby, everyone around me seems to be pg at the moment and it's driving me nuts! Does the 100mg of clomid work????

If anyone could help that would be great!

BlessThisMess Wed 24-Sep-08 10:09:17

Hi flynn

I can't say much about the Clomid - I did take it but got pg fairly quickly so didn't have to go up to a higher dose.

However, if you haven't tried anything else, I would strongly recommend firstly the Foresight programme for getting you into tip-top condition and more likely to conceive. Secondly I went to an experienced Chinese Medicine specialist and went on chinese herbs and acupuncture. I am utterly convinced that it was that that did the trick for me. He spent 3-4 months getting my system healthier, and then the first month he did the actual acupuncture to conceive (over the ovaries) is the month I got pg with DD.

Best of luck!

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