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pinkie08 Tue 23-Sep-08 12:42:08

is there anyone out there on clomid at the mo. its my first month and its really dragging.hmm

peju25 Tue 23-Sep-08 12:52:50

Hi Pinkie - Its my first month on clomid too im on cd28 so keeping fingers crossed (although not too hopeful this month). The is a good thread on here taking clomid for first time (part 2) there are lots of really helpful people on there and also lots of success stories which is what we all need to hear!
My story - been ttc for 14mths diagnosed with PCOS and got clomid to try for 6 mths after reading the stories i feel quite positive it can happen for us!

pinkie08 Tue 23-Sep-08 13:11:21

well you are ahead of me. am on cd12 and due to have progesterone day 21 test next thursday. been ttc for 10months my progesterone results were low without the clomid so hopefully this month it will have gone up.

peju25 Tue 23-Sep-08 14:09:09

fingers crossed for you. I am not due any blood tests till day 21 of my next cycle.
It has worked for lots of people.
Enjoy your next few days (ovulation time!!) wink

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