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IUI with Clomid

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Lynsy Sat 20-Sep-08 21:41:00


I am just after some advice really had our first consultation at the UCH hospital in London on Thursday and the doctor suggested we try IUI with clomid for 3 cycles, although he was very helpful and informative still came away having forgot to ask him some questions so thought I would see if anyone here can help me grin
Firstly I have had a day 21 test that shows I am ovualting so why do they use clomid it along with IUI, I thought this was given to people that are not ovualting?! does it hopefully improve our chances of success?
Secondly our reason for having assited conception is due to dp's poor sperm, he has morphology of 1%, and although I know they wash the sperm and put back the best ones, with dp's being so deformed I wasn't sure that IUI would work?

Any advice would be great.x

Issy42 Sun 09-Nov-08 19:46:43

Koi - I had 5 cycles of IUI without clomid and only had the ovitrelle when there was a risk of ov on a Sunday (when my clinic doesn't treat). My first cycle worked but mc'd at just under 5 weeks. Like you I was concerned about multiples, but I've finally given in and am now on my second clomid cycle. Really wish I'd taken it earlier now - feel like I wasted so much money in not doing so. Mind you I've got to the point where I think twins is better than none! Good luck!

poppy75 Mon 10-Nov-08 17:58:26

Hello Guys - great to read all your messages regarding IUI

I've been ttc for three years with unexplained infertility and 1 MC (2.5 years ago).

My consultant has suggested IUI or IVF but as my PCT doesn't offer any fertility treatment if you are under 36 I will have to pay for it sad sad

So have booked an appointment in Jan at a local fertility clinic. DH is not keen to have assisted conception but I've convinced him to try IUI (it is also alot cheaper and we can afford it compared to IVF).

Do you know what I should look for in a clinic??

Was wondering if it would be wise to get a second opinion on the NHS?? As had ultrasound, HSG to check tubes and 4 months of clomid under other consultant without success sad. DH thinks it will be a waste of time but not sure if I should try as it is a lot of money to shell out - all advice welcomed!!!

Issy42 Mon 10-Nov-08 21:36:20

Hi Poppy. I would get a second opinion, just in case it makes a difference. Also can you pay for treatment at your nearest nhs clinic? That's what I do and it's only £415 for IUI with partner sperm, whereas others on here pay £1600 a time. Had to be referred by my GP. Good luck!

poppy75 Wed 12-Nov-08 17:56:01

Hi Issy - thanks I think what I'd do is book an appointment with my GP. I thought it was strange that my consultant didn't give me an options of where I could go for private treatment which made me a little suspicious. As I work in the NHS I always have to give patients a few options as I can't directly refer a patient to a certain service which they have to pay for! smile The joys of ttc heh!

poppy75 Wed 12-Nov-08 17:56:01

Hi Issy - thanks I think what I'd do is book an appointment with my GP. I thought it was strange that my consultant didn't give me an options of where I could go for private treatment which made me a little suspicious. As I work in the NHS I always have to give patients a few options as I can't directly refer a patient to a certain service which they have to pay for! smile The joys of ttc heh!

bamboostalks Fri 21-Nov-08 21:00:33

Just wondering how any of you guys are going?
I am waiting to start my third round of IUI/Clomid, on cd 30 did test on cd28 and it was - so just waiting for AF now. It has been 18 days since the IUI so I am getting impatient. I think that I just want to move onto IVF really.

Lynsy Sat 22-Nov-08 21:54:13

Hello Girls

Long time no speak.

BB so sorry to hear that the IUI has been unsucessful so far, will this be your last round of IUI before you start IVF?

We unfortunatley haven't even got that far. My laparoscopy found that I have severe endo which is blocking my right fallopian tube. This came as somewhat of a shock as I have never suffered any symptoms. I am now currently on 3 months worth of injections to down regulate my body and put it into a menopausal state so that the endo dries out, and I am due to have another laparoscopy done at the end of January, so our ttc plans are now on hold sad. On the upside after 3 months of lifestyle changes and copious amounts of vitamins dp's sperm is now completley normal and gyne has said that after laparoscopy in January should be no reason why we can't fall preganant naturally smile.

Hello to everyone else hope things are going.

Lynsy Sat 22-Nov-08 21:55:25

that meant to say, hope things are going well.x

lisa114 Mon 19-Jan-09 18:14:18

Hi all
I don't now whether anyone can offer any advice. Just started my first cycle of clomid last week prior to IUI, i went for a scan today and there were 8 fluid sacks which the nurse said because of the size were eggs and we couldnt have IUI this cycle as there were to many eggs she also told me to use contrception this month as there is a major risk of a multiple birth!? Should i use contraception or just see what happens? hmm

sissy0928 Wed 11-Feb-09 23:02:13

I would go for it, but it depends on how old you are and your level of urgency. Of course always speak with a professional first. I'm 39 and took 50mg Chlomid this past cycle (I had 2 eggs)and had IUI 10 days ago. I'm taking a blood test this saturday but it's all I can think about. At my age I'm scared it won't happen for me. Good luck to you!

yellowflowers Wed 17-Mar-10 13:20:25

This thread is from long time ago but wanted to wave at you all if you are all here and say I am starting iui with clomid next month at uch acu (now crgh) and was searching for info and found this - all very helpful.

crystalz Mon 06-Sep-10 21:39:17

Can anyone please help. My friend has been TTc for several years she has just been told her eggs don't become mature.Therefore, she needs to go on IUI. She is very nervous and worried. Can anyone please share similar stories?

pixiness Wed 02-Nov-11 21:04:21

has any ! had multiple births with clomid and iui treatment. we are about to start this and want to know what the chances are

highlove Wed 02-Nov-11 21:17:06

pixiness - chance of multiple pg with clomid is about 10%, massively lower, like less than 1%, of having more than two. But, not sure if the IUI makes a difference. I wouldn't think so - I do know that a natural IUI cycle has no more a chance of multiples than an ordinary pg (obviously, there's only one egg!)


pixiness Thu 03-Nov-11 02:14:10

i hav unexplained fertility and just had a laporoscpy and tube patency, my partner has swimmer problems so we are heading for iui with clomid or other fertility drugs, i hav aunts on my dads side who are twins, my dad and his new young girlfriend just had twins and my partner has twin brothers. any ideas how the fertility drugs and iui mite work out with all that?? i wouldnt mind twins but dont want to be octomum
has any1 had any multiple births in the clomid, iui treatments? much grateful for all answers

pixiness Thu 03-Nov-11 02:23:39

and can any1 please explain the whole iui with clomit, proccedure to me, what u hav to do and take and times amounts and cycles please. new mom hoping to be and knows nothing at 41 years old,gratful to all uladies out there

pixiness Thu 03-Nov-11 02:30:47

hi sissy0928. can uexplain the iui process with clomid, how it works, the chances and y do u not think it will work for ur age\/ im 41 and just heading down this route, all advice welcome

Scrummybumb Thu 03-Nov-11 11:01:11

Hi pixiness. Here's a link to one study on the subject I just started my first Clomid/IUI cycle.

I had blood tests at the start of the cycle to confirm hormone levels to see if ok to start. Then started Clomid on day 2. Took 100mg (two tablets once a day) for 5 days. Due for a scan tomorrow to confirm how I've responded. If there are too many follicles, the cycle will be cancelled. So you always have a choice.

The chances have a lot to do with your hormone levels at the time, not just age. Some women in their forties are still very fertile.

best of luck with your journey. If you want to come and join others going through same thing, you can find us on the Assisted Conception thread. Feel free to join us.

pixiness Thu 03-Nov-11 12:15:45

thank you very much, i will join on the other thread too, i may sound stupid but wot exactly do the follicles mean? sorry, iv not had much info from my consultant on anything and am finding out most off the proceedures and info online from u ladies

Scrummybumb Sun 06-Nov-11 13:43:08

Follicle is the shell that holds the egg (aka oocyte). I too have found out most things either here or other sites online. I have read a few books too. It's worth spending som time to read though a few of them. Taking charge of your fertility is a good start for basics. There are plenty books and theories on what works, so you just need to find that you agree with.

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