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Ovulation test sticks - how accurate??

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TTCanothermunchkin Sat 20-Sep-08 07:01:33

Am very in tune with my body and generally know when I am ovulating. Pretty sure I am ov at the moment but have been testing with ovulation kits since Day 10. I haven't had an LH surge indication - been testing same time every day and following instructions exactly.

Bought 50 test strips from eBay from a reputable seller.

Are they accurate or should I go with my feelings?

(BTW am trying out Hazel Chesterman-Phillps theory of before ov for a girl so trying to AVOID ov)

GordonTheGopher Sat 20-Sep-08 07:05:16

What time have you been testing? Apparently about midday is best, as long as you haven't drunk too much water. But tbh if you've got all negatives and tested every day it may well be a dodgy batch.

TTCanothermunchkin Sat 20-Sep-08 07:07:21

Testing around 5pm every day, letting wee rise to room temp.

Are they a load of bollox? Just been reading some historical threads and it doesn't sound too convincing....! smile

GordonTheGopher Sat 20-Sep-08 07:08:31

Why 5pm? That sounds too late to me, esp if you drink a lot. I really would completely ignore them and listen to your own body - CM is the best sign I think.

TTCanothermunchkin Sat 20-Sep-08 07:10:07

5pm cos it is when I get in from work, not drinking loads beforehand either.

Think I will go with my CM and pain. I have irregular cycles so I never know quite when ov will occur. They range from 28-35 days which is annoying!!

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