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Bleeding 4 dpo. Early implantation or wishful thinking?!

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krustywren Thu 18-Sep-08 19:56:20

Hi there ladies, I hope someone can help. I am on cd21 and I'm 5 dpo today and have been spotting since yesterday. Thought it would have stopped by today but it's been a lil bit worse. My temperature dropped this morning, which is unsual for me as it normally stays high until the day before af arrives. I usually get af on cd28/29. I've gotten pain in my boobies today and been feeling sharp pains in my pelvis.
Is anyone else sick of all this already? Ttc is taking over my life and I can't wait til I can finally relax with my bfp! Good luck to all of you who read this waffling of mine! xx

flowerfairy Thu 18-Sep-08 20:15:22

Have no answers krusty am afraid. but am in similar positin myself. not too sure when i ov'd as have been trying to just be calm about the whole thing this month. Bd'd days cd10, 12, 13 and am also having sharp pains. Now on cd16, normally 30 day cycle(so i know the numbers don't necessarily add up. Have had some brown discharge and clear pink discharge about 2 days ago and then about half an hour ago i had some blood stained discharge (very small amount). Do not wnat to raise hopes, though have been ttc for long time. Am thinking maybe the gymnastics i've been doing with ds this evening could have caused the blood.
Good luck and here's to your bfp.

Jools1 Thu 18-Sep-08 20:26:22

If it helps, I had a small amount of red spotting at 6DPO, sore boobs (hot itchy nipples) for a while at 8DPO but the poking pains and cramps weren't particularly noticeable till 10DPO. BFP at 13DPO today grin

Good luck !

flowerfairy Sat 20-Sep-08 09:56:34

Jsut to update yesterday sorry if tmi i had a spot of dark red blood about the size of a 20p, yesterday and then some more red and brown discharge when i wiped. Has stopped today and am not sure what to think, still having some occasional pains in stomach. I know i will just have to wait, but it would be nice to have an answer. Will have to find something to keep me occupied until af due.

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