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Don't want to give up breastfeeding and TTC - please help me improve my chances

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FeelingLucky Thu 18-Sep-08 10:38:00

Took us 2 years to conceive our 15 month DD (got a BFP a month before out appointment for IVF) and we've been TTC DC2 for the past few months with no joy.

DD is 15 months and still breastfeeding and after much deliberation I don;t want to wean her as a means to improve my chances of conceiving.
Got AF back when she was 9 months old when her feeds dropped to three a day, have been using OPKs, but I have a feeling that my luteal phase is too short for implantation.

Does anyone know if breastfeeding can be the cause of a short luteal phase?
And, anything I can do about it, short of weaning DD?

btw - DD has three feeds a day on weekends and two feeds a day during the week

crokky Thu 18-Sep-08 10:42:28

I fed DS until 12.5 months. I found it was impossible for me to conceive whilst bf, even at 1 feed a day. I gave up bf and quickly conceived.

Some people just cannot conceive whilst bf, some people can - hard to know which you are.

sorry if not helpful

sadminster Thu 18-Sep-08 14:08:17

Yes breastfeedng can result in a short LP.

My periods started when ds1 was 6 months - the LP of the first couple of cycles was 9 days, it increased to 11 days once he began solids, by the time he was a year old it was back to normal (for me 12 days). However I was still having long-ish cycles & not ovulating until CD20 so I decided to night wean ds1 - he was 16 months old - the very next cycle I ovulated on CD14 & conceived ds2.

If you are still feeding at night then night weaning can improve your fertility really quickly. Very sudden changes rather than rather than cutting back slowly are more effective.

I continued to feed ds1 the whole way through my pregnancy but unfortunately ds2 died at 17 weeks so we're back to square one I'm giving it three cycles with our current breastfeeding pattern but if I haven't conceived in that time I think I will have to wean ds1 completely (he'll be 26 months by then).

FeelingLucky Thu 18-Sep-08 20:39:37

Sadminster, I'm so so sorry.
Good luck with these three cycles and thanks for sharing.

wzmo Fri 19-Sep-08 13:43:43

sadminster Good Luck, with Ttc #3 i do know many people who have gotten preggo while BF, so i hope this goes for you all!! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!

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