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Ok help me out here.

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silentlywondering Wed 17-Sep-08 07:30:49

I feel shit this morning. I have a 31 day cycle lmp was 27/8, just sat down and worked some stuff out and we did the deed unprotected during my fertile window. By using an online calculator worked out I could be 2 weeks would it be to early to test? I have 2 lovely kids and a history of miscarriage, could I be setting myself up for upset?

SesHasapinkline Wed 17-Sep-08 07:48:50

It depends when abouts you ovulated. It is possible to get a result on a hpt 10dpo however the longer you leave it the more guaranteed a result.

I'd suggest hanging on another 3 or 4 days if you can and then test. I know how difficult this is though.

I also sympathise with your concern you could be setting yourself up for upset following your history of mc. I too have a history of mc and don't have any dc. However have believe I am now 6 weeks pg and worrying like anything that it will all go wrong again!

Are you ttc? In theory if you have a 31 day cycle, I calculate that AF due on Saturday so maybe test then if no sign of AF arriving.

Wishing you all the best whatever the outcome and whatever outcome you want.

silentlywondering Wed 17-Sep-08 07:51:47

Thank you for the advice. Technically not TTC atm DH got a bit carried away which doesn't bother me as I would love more kids, he on the other hand is not so sure. ON saying that he knows full well that since the last MC I am not taking contraception and that it is his responsibility if he doesn't want any more children.

SesHasapinkline Wed 17-Sep-08 07:56:51

Aah! Ok, well if you need to let off steam on here, feel free.
Have you got any symptoms? I had sore boobs and low down cramping/stretching pains.
Let me know what happens!

silentlywondering Wed 17-Sep-08 08:04:35

sleepy feel sick and fractious. you know when there is something not quite normal but you cannot put your finger on it. Have felt like it before and 9 times out of 10 means I am in early stages of pregnancy.

SesHasapinkline Wed 17-Sep-08 08:18:21

Hmmmm sounds highly suspicious then to me!

No harm in doing an early test if you really can't wait but it may just mean a false negative and wasting the cost of a test!

Right I'm fighting off the MS this morning but am off to work.

Let me know how you get on!

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