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hope2be Tue 16-Sep-08 03:42:25

Hi, my husband and I have been trying to get pregant for about five months now and it has not happend. I used ovulation tests and we have had lots of sex around mid-month. I need some conformation that it takes time, or peoples own experience with this emotional process.

claudiaschiffer Tue 16-Sep-08 04:39:05

Hi, 5 months isn't long - although it must seem ages. If you are under 35 I think it is recommended that you have regular unprotected sex for a year until seeking help from a doctor.

It took dh and I 4 yrs to have dd1 (as a result of IVF), then dd2 was born 2 yrs later - natural conception.

Waiting to conceive a baby is a feckin nightmare if it isn't happening. But be assured that for the vast majority of people it does happen naturally during the 1st year of trying.

I think it is very difficult once you start trying to get preg, as for ones whole fertile life one has been desperate for it not to happen, and assumes that it will happen the instant you come off the pill etc. It can be enormously depressing if it doesn't.

Keep going as you are, but if you or dh are over 35 it may be worth seeing a doc in the next few months just to check you are both working ok.

Good luck!

sadminster Tue 16-Sep-08 08:20:31

I was told that at 32 10 cycles was the average time it takes to conceive (that is with well timed sex each cycle). I think the guidelines are now referral only after 2 years of trying if you're under 35.

It bloody sucks though - you have my sympathy. I've been pg 8 times & it has taken between one month (first time lucky) and over 3 years to conceive, once it gets to 6 months I start to lose my mind.

CaptainKarvol Tue 16-Sep-08 08:30:40

Agree that 5 months isn't long in the big picture - I got myself to the GP after 11 fraught and miserable cycles of FTC, but I'm 37, and had conceived DS on the second go. Then I concieved naturally on cycle 13. I found months 6-9 the worst. When you do conceive the stress all fades into the background amazingly quickly.

daisy5 Tue 16-Sep-08 13:51:21

Some women ovulate earlier - I'm around CD9. BDing every second day between CD7 and CD16 is not a bad idea, if you are not doing it already?

hope2be Tue 16-Sep-08 20:22:09

Thanks! Claudia Scheiffer, your words are consoling (by the way I think your beautiful)you are right, it is funny how you spend the first part of your sex life avoiding pregnancy, now its my biggest dream. I am 29, so I do have some time. What is the coast if IFV? What qualifies a person to need IFV?

claudiaschiffer Wed 17-Sep-08 01:03:01

Oh thank you hope2be, very sweet.

IVF in the UK costs a veritable fortune, I can't really remember how much in total but I would say set aside about 5K for treatment plus drugs. But it does sound as if you are a long way from that. You are young still (I am ancient in comparison) so keep shagging my girl, I saw on another thread that you are thinking of acupuncture - I replied there, but would say again that I think it is wonderful and was very useful to me.

I'm not sure of the qualities that mean you are eligable for IVF treatment, for me and DH it was a long and unhappy route of ttc for a few years, having lots of tests - rather irritatingly we both came out as perfectly 'normal' and were diagnosed as having Unexplained Infertility. We then were amazingly fortunate and got a BFP on our first cycle of IVF.

But as I say, it seems that you are hopefully a long way from that yet.

Good luck x

hope2be Wed 17-Sep-08 15:06:02

Mrs. Schiffer you have set my mind @ ease. You have been through all the tribulations of conception. I feel frantic about getting pg because I like emmediate gratification. I am going to try acuouncture, relax my mind, and I am sure my husband likes your advice to keep shagging. Thanks for all your thoughts, I have taken them to heart.

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