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Could I be pregnant even though I got 2 BFN's?

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Nat1H Thu 11-Sep-08 14:29:04

Had a period on 22st Augsut, but was a little lighter then usual and stopped quicker (usually I spot for a week after a period). It was 2 days early.
A week after this period I got 'tightening' sensations in my pelvic area.
Then my breasts started getting bigger. They are now huge and sore. My stomach is bloated, even at the top just under my boobs!
I am not due to start my next AF until around the 20th Sept (usually 28 days cycle).
Have done 2 tests, both have been negative (they were cheap tesco ones though - make any difference?)
Could i be pregnant? Is it worth asking the doctor?

beanieb Thu 11-Sep-08 15:27:34

The tesco ones are usually pretty good, all my BFNs have been right. But if you are worried maybe do a clearbllue test or go to see the doctor. They may just tell you to wait a couple of weeks.

it's annoying isn't it when your body start plaing silly buggers ?

hopefulnicci Thu 11-Sep-08 20:58:16

hi there, my story may help. I ovulated on the 23rd Aug (been using CB fertility monitor - plus i felt it!) 6 days later i experienced what i can only imagine was an implantation bleed brown on wiping no cramps (unlike any period). 2 weeks later and i'm only just at 18 & 19 dpo getting faint bfp's (on CB & FR, - IC are bfn). I've been searching the net most of the week and it does happen that some people don't show up positive before 5 weeks. So goodluck, 2 u & me! :-)

PussinJimmyChoos Thu 11-Sep-08 21:00:35

Nicci- that is reassuring for me. Am on CD29 now - still no sign of AF but all tests so far are negative! Am driving myself mad! I didn't show up BFP with DS until about 4 days after period was due and then it was a reasonably faint line so I could be one of those that don't have the hormone levels that strong early on...its doing my head in though....constant knicker checking!

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