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<<tmi>> a cervical mucus question <<tmi>>

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PastYourBedtime Tue 09-Sep-08 22:15:59

Does anyone ever get white cm that looks like snot? Doesn't smell or anything, am ttc with very irregular periods (am on day 36 now but that means nothing as my periods can be anything between 34 - 55 days) so am trying to monitor cm to help our chances. We are also self inseminating as dp has problems ejaculating during sex (just to make things more complicated!)
So can anyone tell me anything about cm - have been googling and read alot about egg white cm but nothing about white snot like cm. Thanks!

ShowOfHands Tue 09-Sep-08 22:17:21

When I have a lot of ewcm it's 'snot like'. Bit like that stuff they use to glue samples to magazines...

PastYourBedtime Tue 09-Sep-08 22:35:29

I thought it had to be clear to be fertile? I guess everyone is different, before i knew cm exsisted i never had any (iykwim) maybe ignorance is bliss because things were alot simpler when it was just having lots of sex = baby! But having to use the d.i.y method means we have to know when the right time is!
And its boring... lying with your legs up in the arm whilst your dp snoozes after a satisfying self lovin session isn't much fun!

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 10-Sep-08 06:56:04


Sounds like the mucus is really thick; this tends to happen when ovulation is not happening. A normal cycle is a cycle length of between 21 and 35 days or with less than 4 days of variation from month to month.

I would suggest you both visit the doctor; these problems need to be brought out into the open and advice sought.

Having irregular periods means that it is more likely you are not ovulating regularly if at all. This can be due to underlying hormonal imbalances (in this regard a common culprit is a condition called polycystic ovaries).

I would have a blood test done now to see what your hormone levels are like and for your DP to seek help too for his ejaculate problems. This is not going to be solved by what you are doing currently. Address the issues now for both your sakes.

PastYourBedtime Wed 10-Sep-08 08:49:53

Thanks. Dp is booked to have a sperm test next week but there isn't alot we can do about his delayed ejaculation. There are some self help methods where you teach yourself to react to certain pressures etc that we are trying but its difficult and frustrating for him. I had a blood test a few weeks ago which the doctor said was fine although how he can tell with just one random test when we have no idea where about in my cycle i am i don't know! I think i will go and question him again.

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 10-Sep-08 09:43:05

If your periods are irregular you can have blood tests done according to calendar days i.e the 3rd and 21st of the month.

LH and FSH levels should be tested and compared against each other (that is really important) on the 3rd day and on the 21st day progesterone is measured. If your LH and FSH levels are out of balance (ideally these levels should be the same) then your progesterone level will not indicate ovulation has occured.

What hormone levels were tested a few weeks back and did the GP compare any levels?. If not the test result is meaningless.

If GP is unhelpful (and some of them ae not much use when it comes to dealing with such problems) see another GP in the practice.

I would also ask for a referral to a gynae.

PastYourBedtime Wed 10-Sep-08 18:50:23

I wasn't asked where about in my cycle i was when they took the blood test, when i asked about the results i was told "oh um yeah they were fine" so i asked for a referral and was told dp would need a sperm test before i could be referred. I will definately ask to see another doctor. Sorry for the tmi but the cm is thick white now with some little blood stains, i very much doubt i have an infection so it is probably hormonal as i do have a couple of spots too.

dinkyboysmum Wed 10-Sep-08 20:13:09

i normally get snot like cm for about a week after O, then it goes more fluid-like as AF cycles are variable too 37, 46, 38, 42 have been my recent ones. doc says that is fine.

yeahyeah Wed 10-Sep-08 20:14:20

I get that snot stuff just before my period starts...

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