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Please bring me back down to earth - i can't help setting myself up for disappointment

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fairywing Mon 08-Sep-08 13:18:44

I'm sat here desperately trying to find people who have had my symptoms and then a BFP when really i should be doing the opposite. I am on day 32 of my first cycle TTC. I have no idea how long my cycle should be as this is my first since finishing end treatment and was on the pill for some time before that. I do think that i am 14DPO though. I have had sore nipples for 2 weeks but i had that last month too. On friday (CD29) i had AF cramps getting stronger throughout the day and was convinced i would wake to AF in the morning. That would be normal for me. Nothing. Same happened on Saturday. Then milder cramps on Sunday and today no cramps but an iffy tummy. Felt nauseaus for a few days but that seems to have gone now too. I've had a few other 'symptoms' on and off but possibly imagined. Did an early test last Tuesday just because i was impatient! Had no symptoms then! and then another on Sunday lunch time. Both BFN. Thinking of testing again in the morning with FMU if no AF by then. Despite the BFN's i can't help convincing myself i am pregnant. I know i am setting myself up for real disappointment like this but i just can't seem to stop. So tellme this happened to you. Tell me i am being stupid. Tell me to put down the tests and sit back and wait for AF. Somebody slap me please!!!

thingamajig Mon 08-Sep-08 22:48:37

Sorry to be boring but all you can do is wait for your period. If it hasnt come in another week, do another test. It is possible that you are pregnant, but highly unlikely. Its so easy to get so excited by ttc that you read pregnancy into every little twinge.

fairywing Tue 09-Sep-08 07:43:43

Thanks Thingamajig. AF heard my plea too and brought me back to earth this morning sad Never mind hopefully i won't read too much into things next time!

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