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Help - what shoud I do????

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fiestabelle Sun 07-Sep-08 12:40:54


Its been a while since I went through this whole ttc thing so seem to have forgotten a lot of it!! DH and I have just decided to try for baby no2, DS is 22 months. We have talked it through, and decided that we would start trying around his 2nd birthday. We had a nigth out over the weekend and thought sod it, lets start trying early IYSWIM!!!

Now, it would not be a problem at all if I did fall pregnant although I know it is HIGHLY unlikely after 1 attempt - think I have just past ovulation days which cuts down the chances even further but......

I'm a bit worried that if I am, was drinking fairly heavily on the day we would have conceived, havent taken any folic acid etc etc, and have not really been very healthy up until now. W go on hols on Monday, so my other worry is whether I should drink or not, not a heavy drinker but would normally have a few glasses of wine with meal on hols.

When we were ttc with DS, remember finding the 2ww time v. awkward as didnt want to drink but also seemed a bit mad to put life on hold on the off chance that you were pregnant.

I would never forgive myself if I was pregnant and the baby had problems because I had not prepared myself properly.

So, should I just continue as usual on the assumption that I most likely not pregnant, or assume that I am and start taking folic acid, cut out drinking etc, or have even considered third option of morning after pill and going back to original plan of ttc when DS is aged 2.

If you understand the above well done,!! Your advice is much appreciated ladies,

MrsTittleMouse Sun 07-Sep-08 12:49:40

The number of women who have drunk fairly heavily before they knew that they were pregnant, and then gone on to have beautiful healthy babies is HUGE. So I wouldn't worry too much. On the other hand, now that you know that you might be pregnant, if I were you I would be cutting down on the alcohol and taking folic acid. The folic acid thing is really easy and won't have any impact on your life. The alcohol thing - well, you don't have to cut it out completely, just cut back.

I can sympathise with the "putting life on hold" as I had years of TTC (with fertility treatment), so there were many 2 week waits where I gave up alcohol and then had a period. But for me it was worth it to know that I was giving everything the best chance I could...

ClairePO Sun 07-Sep-08 12:58:44

It's difficult isn't it?

The drinking when you potentially conceived isn't a biggie, so don't fret about that. And a few drinks before you even implant if you have conceived won't make a big difference either I don't think. Maybe limit yourself to one glass per evening while you are away? If you're away for more than a week consider not drinking in the 2nd week? I assume that you mean this weekend was when you started trying? Starting taking your folic acid now if you have a supply would be a good thing regardless though.

If you have conceived you're only two months ahead of if you'd conceived when your DS was two so surely that won't be a major problem?

fiestabelle Sun 07-Sep-08 13:08:54

Hi Ladies

Thanks for replies - I am going to get some Folic Acid today and will start taking from now. It is almost certain that I am not pregnant, but as Mrs TM has said this wont impact on my life at all and was planning to start taking soon anyway if we were TTC when DS turns 2.

Mrs TM thats exactly it, I know its not realistic to put everything on hold, but at the same time you want to give your potential baby the absolute best chance. My sensible head tells me a few drinks wont do me any harm at all, but with DS I cut out alcolol pretty much altogether when pregnant and cut down a lot when TTC apart from the one week a month when I knew I defo wasnt pregnant.

Didnt realise that drinking before I implanted wasnt as serious as after, when we are away chances are it will be one or two glasses of wine a night if that, with a 22 month old dont imagine we will be painting the town red|!! but this is our first holiday for a few years so dont want to be a wet blanket either especially as chances of my being pregnant are so slim.

ClairePO - would not be a problem at all if we have conceived, would be over the moon but I am a bit of a worrywart so I suppose in an ideal world if we did get a bfp would want it to happen without the worry of drinking, not taking folic acid etc etc.

Suppose I need to chill a bit - we've only just made decision to try again and its all coming back to me what a worry it all issmile

ClairePO Sun 07-Sep-08 13:11:10

It's just what I've assumed about implanting - I could be wrong and it could just be my simplistic view.

Jools1 Sun 07-Sep-08 13:30:40

I think you are right ClarePo - from what I've read, prior to implantation, there is no connection to the mother and the blastocyst (fertilised egg) is self-supporting until it implants and a placenta forms...

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