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Am I just getting myself all wound up?

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reflection Sat 06-Sep-08 21:35:59

Hi. Never been pregnant before. However been off the pill for 5 months. This month I felt my ovulation (this is usual) on the morning of day 14. However since that evening I have had a really heavy feeling in my uterus. A dull ache. As I write this it's quite uncomfortable. However during the last week it has been present most days but less so at times. Could I be feeling pregnant? Seems so early. Boobs getting bigger but they do this coming up to my period anyway. Period due on 10/11th. I think I might well be but also might be just something else....

littlemissmischief Sat 06-Sep-08 23:29:45

Hi reflection - cant really offer any advice as only been pg once and didnt know for four weeks! But just wanted to come and hi and im sure someone with more knowledge will be along soon to help, Hope you get whatever it is you want smile

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