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Question about long cycles

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usernametaken Fri 05-Sep-08 19:52:50

I have a cycle of 35 days. Ovulation normally happen on day 20/21.
We are currently TTC (month 1). If I get pg, how will I work out when I am due? Does the same rule apply for 35 day cycles as it does for a 28 day cycle- date of last AF. Would that mean that if I tested on the day I am due I would already be 5weeks pg? I'm all confused! lol
It was so much simpler with DD- a straightforward 28day cycle with ov. on day 14!
Many thanks

Heebychick Fri 05-Sep-08 20:15:51

Hi, i concieved with DD1 on my first 32 day cycle and i was due 40 weeks later, (last week of may to 18 Feb). So it didn't seem to make a difference that way.

because you OV around 14 days before your AF is due, however long your cycle is, that means you will be 2 weeks pregnant (but in the UK we class a period as 4 weeks) so for medical purposes you will be 4 weeks pg.

Don't take this as red but i am sure that is right, because i thought i was 5 weeks when i found out on CD35 and then when i was checked i was earlier than i thought.

I think in America they class pregnancy as the actual weeks from conception so 38 weeks is usually the term.

HTH and good luck!

BTW i'm the other way round, i have a 25 day cycle now and i'm TTC D2! and i'm just as confused!

usernametaken Fri 05-Sep-08 22:43:02

Thank you for your help!
Good luck with TTC too!

1LittlePrincess Fri 05-Sep-08 23:25:39

HI there

I too have a 32 day cycle usually, and did when concieved my DD (3.5). I usually Ov around CD16. At booking scan I was asked what my cycle was like etc and midwife said may/ or may not alter EDD. When I had my scan they moved me from 16th Jan to the 24th and DD was born on 21st Jan. So potentially I ovulated later on this cycle. So for me the dates did change, but as you can see from Heebychicks post not always

If there is a difference then the scan will pick it up and you will have a LMP EDD and a Scan EDD, and midiwves will usually go by the Scan EDD.


AttilaTheMeerkat Sat 06-Sep-08 07:57:43

Think midwives go by the scan EDD rather than the LMP date.

Actually it is not correct to assume that ovulation happens around two weeks before the start of the next period. Ovulation is not an exact science and it can easily happen earlier, later or not at all in ANY given cycle. It is also quite possible to have periods without ovulating.

You have a cycle length of 35 days; this is actually right on the edge of what is considered to be a "normal" cycle length. If your cycles change (i.e get longer or become more painful) seek medical advice sooner rather than later.

Do not therefore assuming that you are ovulating around about day 20/21. It is all too easy to get that date wrong.

ahfeckit Sat 06-Sep-08 11:06:39

attila that would explain my erratic cycles and when I sometimes doubt whether I've ovulated at all some months...hence why it seems to be taking an age ttc babyno2!
i have a cycle length that varies between 28-32 days each month, but it's pot luck how long each cycle lasts for, causing great difficulty in knowing when I'm likely to conceive.
I appreciate how frustrating it is usernametaken.
I'm trying to be laid back about it all, but some months I think 'is it going to be this month??'.
i agree, the midwives do tend to go with scan EDD, it tends to be more accurate.

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