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iui cycle

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Sans04 Wed 03-Sep-08 05:24:00

hello iam Sans here is my story, last 5 years ago accedintly I got pregnant with alovely boy whos 4 years and five months now, and its been around 2 years that Iam trying for the next one but I can't concive some how now its been for 2 month my doctor put me on iui cycle, he canceled last month because I had 8 follicles, and he cancled this month either because ihad 4 follicles, 27mm, 21mm,19mm and 11mm but I didn't listen to him and I continued naturally with my husband now I feel guilty I think I should liten to the doctor and not to do intercorse with out protection, so can anyone advise me with some openion, I was right or rong?

CNFT Wed 03-Sep-08 06:41:04

What medicines are you taking? Clomid or injectibles? And at what doses?

I hope you don't end up with higher order multiples, but can't say I wouldn;t have done the same as you.

Sans04 Wed 03-Sep-08 07:10:46

I took the injection (Puregon) from cd5 for 5 days at 50 unit each dose and now iam on cd14.

CNFT Wed 03-Sep-08 09:06:34

Well you only had 4 follicles, and one of them, the 11mm probably wouldn't have been mature, which means you were left with three. Not all follicles contain a mature egg so chances are good you aren't going to end up with triplets or more.

I hope you get pregnant. Infertility is awful.

I am assuming you didn't have an HCG injection to trigger ovulation?

Sans04 Wed 03-Sep-08 10:31:03

well I had the trigger in cd 12 which means 2 days ago but gues what I had tested my ovulation with the sticks (urine stick test) on sunday 31st august and I could see both line in the same color but since I had the trigger I tested but day by day one of the line(test line) is getting liter so I don't no I I already ovulated or no.

Sans04 Fri 05-Sep-08 02:32:17

what happened I am sitting in the front of the computer to get some advice but there is non what happened to you CNFT.

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