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Anyone else had a phantom pregnancy?

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farenth Tue 02-Sep-08 09:09:26

I've had five home tests, two doctor's tests (urine & blood) - all BFN. I've also had two other blood tests to check for thyroid function and hormones, etc. which all show normal. Yet, I am convinced I am pregnant. My last full AF was in June and yet the past two months I've had a 'scanty' pink period with clots (tmi) when my regular AF was due. Since July I've had full breasts, been bloated, nausea, mild period aches, a pinching/poking sensation on my right side (same as when preg. with DS.) My doctor has told me: there is nothing in there, it's not caused by stress, it is caused by stress and finally, hopefully will be organising a scan for me. Despite telling me previously that she would and then didn't.

My mum is also not convinced and I'm starting to feel very alone. I could believe I'm not pregnant if my body didn't feel so alien. Anyone else been through this? Please save my sanity...

Twinklemegan Tue 02-Sep-08 22:32:54

Well I did go through very similar symptoms when I was ttc. I had never been pregnant so I didn't know what to expect. Having now been pregnant I am convinced that at least one of those occasions was indeed a pregnancy which sadly ended in an early m/c. My friend fell pregnant and had a healthy baby and every test was negative. You don't say if you want to be pregnant or not, but best of luck either way and let us know what happens. smile

NotAnOtter Tue 02-Sep-08 22:38:37

no experience but i hope things work out for you

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