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Ovarian Cyst - pain and symptoms?

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Heebychick Sun 31-Aug-08 16:42:54


I have been TTC and have been having lots of symptoms and pains which my Dr now feels might be an ovarian cyst.

I have a scan booked for 16th Sept but wondered if anyone has had one and could explain symtpoms a bit more?

My symptoms are (apart from lots of misleading PG symptoms) lots of pain in my right side most of the time, very bloated, pain in my lower back on the right (which could be unrelated) and lots of niggles and 'tightening' in my tummy generally.

I've had the symptoms and pains for about 2 months now and looking forward to having a scan.

Anyone else had similar?

Thanks x

nobodysfool Sun 31-Aug-08 17:47:26

I have endometriosis,adhesions and had a 10cm chocolate cyst (sounds nicer than it was) and the symptoms i had were the same as you.I also used to get pain in my lower back and a tighneing feeling around the top of my thigh but never connected the two but was told by the consultant that it was linked.
I had a scan and it was confimed i had endometriosis and a cyst on my right ovary and saw a consultant quite quickly and he did a laproscopy (minor procedure under G/A) he removed the cyst but it grew back after only 4 weeks and i was due to have another laproscopy a few months later but i feel pg!
I'm now 19 weeks so don't take any notice if they tell you it may cause problems ttc-it happened to me so it can happen to you!

Heebychick Sun 31-Aug-08 20:31:07

Hi, thanks ever so, that's reassuring, we are still ttc but what with feeling sick all the time, weeing a lot, pains in my tummy and back and generally feeling unwell it's not the first thing on my mind!

Chocolate cyst - what a wierd name, i bet there was teasing for that!

Thanks again and good luck with bub x

PeppermintPatty Sun 31-Aug-08 22:12:22

I've had an ovarian cyst.
Symptoms were as you described - pain in stomach (low down) and low back, swollen stomach, a feeling that there was something there that shouldn't be (I noticed most it when I was lying on my front), also needed to pee a lot.
I felt like I could be pregnant too but I was still having regular periods.
GP also thought I was pregnant and did a test but it was negative, so I was sent for a scan.
Good luck with scan I hope you get it sorted

PeppermintPatty Sun 31-Aug-08 22:13:36

OH and I lost my appetite too

Heebychick Mon 01-Sep-08 11:58:06

Oh my god. peppermint you have just described me. I have had exactly that. My dr said 'she would put money on me being pg' but after lots of tests and bloods obviously i wasn't. i have lost my appetite and feel sick most of the time, when i do eat i feel very full and i just feel bloated and lethargic (like after a big Christmas dinner!)

what happened with yours? was it big? did you have to have treatment? sorry for all the Q's!

PeppermintPatty Mon 01-Sep-08 13:43:17

Yes, heeby that's why I lost my appetite - cos I felt so full and bloated. I also felt lethargic now I think about it.

I had an operation to have mine removed. It was very big though - the size of a melon by the time they operated.
I had been having symptoms for about 3/4 months before they diagnosed it.
I had been to the doctors several times and they told me I had irritable bowel syndrome angry
It when I saw a different doctor I got sent for a scan.

They removed the cyst and also my ovary and fallopian tube. This isn't standard practice though - it was because the cyst was so big and my ovary was ruined

I think there are lots of different type of ovarian cysts - some are only small. Mine was a type that just kept growing and growing
The treatment you receive I think depends on the type of cyst and how big it is.

It's good you're been sent for a scan so you can find out what's going on. Try not to worry about it (I know it's hard!).
Mine hasn't affected my fertility at all, even though I only have one ovary left. My periods are still very regular and I got pregnant with DD very easily (she was a happy accident in fact!).
Good luck

Heebychick Tue 02-Sep-08 09:35:06

Hi peppermint thank you, i feel more reassured now. I totally can relate to the sicky full feeling, i was lying on my tummy last night thinking about what you said about feeling something and i am definetely uncomfortable lying on my tummy, it's not solid but is quite big and sore to touch.

Do you have any reoccuring problems now with your remaining ovary?

Glad you still managed to conceive ok, we are still trying but not getting too worked up about it until we know what is going on.

PeppermintPatty Tue 02-Sep-08 12:26:40

I've had no problems so far with my remaining ovary (I had the operation 4 years ago). I had to go for scans every 3 months for about a year afterwards just to make sure everything was ok, and then I was discharged.
The consultant told me that cysts like mine just occur randomly, and the chance of me getting another one was the same as someone who has never had one.
I don't know if this is the same for other types of cyst though.
He said it shouldn't affect my fertility, but because I only have one ovary I may go through my menopause a couple of years earlier than I would have normally (I'm 32 so that doesn't worry me at the moment!).

Hopefully you'll feel better once you've had your scan and know whats happening. I found that not knowing what was wrong the hardest thing (I always imagine the worst!!!).

Heebychick Tue 02-Sep-08 13:32:19

Thank you, it's great to talk to someone about it and that helps a lot. Like you say not knowing is worse, i have been feeling terrible for about 2 months now and would like to have some explanation for it!

My Dr has managed to bring my appt forward to this Thursday which is great! so fingers crossed x

worriedsick33 Sat 20-Sep-08 10:53:46

Hi, I'm very new to this discussion and wanted to join in as I am frightened to death!! I have been experiencing pain in my back, legs, heart burn,stomach pain, no appertite and have been to the doctor on several occasions who said it was stress as I have recentley lost my mum. Anyway after convincing my doctor it was not just stress related he sent me for an ultra sound and I was told I had a 5cm cyst on my left ovary. I am terrified it could be cancer and I really feel the doctor is not listening to me as apart from him telling me it's a cyst he hasn't done any blood tests or any other tests, so how does he know it's "just a cyst" as he put it? I have been ttc for over 2 years now but no luck. I'm 33 years. Anybody else felt as frightened as I do right now?

smileycat Tue 23-Sep-08 13:12:46

Hi, try not to worry too much, the docs can usually tell by the scan if it looks cancerous or not ie if its fluid filled or solid. I had mine removed in April when it was 15cm, my doc told me that if its between 3cm & 6cm they just watch it and hope that the body will absorb it back in, once it gets over that size they start doing more tests and talk to you about removing it. When I was first told I had one I read up on it on the internet and couldn't believe how common it is (thought I was the only one). They removed my ovary & tube as it was so big and there was a little bit in the cyst that they were concerned about, but all turned out to be fine. I had to have a c-section to get it out as they didn't want any fluid to spill just incase, but most of the time they can removed them with keyhole. Fingers crossed I'm ttc for number 2 at the moment, my doc doesn't think I'll have any less chance than if I had both ovaries as the other one goes into overdrive when you only have one

katryn4 Tue 09-Dec-08 09:07:39

I have this bloatd feeling i have a 3 and a half cm cyst thats to be removed tomorrow when i get sterilised. As i have 4 children now.
I hate feeling sick all the time and sore its awful and i look like am 5 months pregnant cos of the bloating.

sammysam Tue 09-Dec-08 10:00:09

I'm worried now sad We've been ttc for almost a year (after concieving dd very easily-she was a surprise!) but over the last 4 months i've been getting pains-the first month was a week of really bad pain-so bad I almost went to a&e, and since then not so bad but for most of the month. I also feel sick (very similar to how my morning sickness started) and I really don't feel like eating (which isn't like me at all!)

I plucked up the courage and went to the docs who has referred me for day 21 bloods (i'm going tomorrow-but i'm sure I haven't ovulated) and an ultra sound-but she said it will take a couple of months for the appointment to come through sad
I know something weird is going on and I just want to know now-I can't wait for 2 months-it is really getting me down now.

jadey1232 Thu 01-Jan-09 20:17:45

please someone help me!! im 18 and ive been miserable for the last week over christmas!! i first started getting pains low down on my right side front and back, then it changed to excruciating pains all over my stomach but they are intermittent not constant. i also have a constant bloated feeling or like a rock is in there and it hurts when i push under my bellybutton. i went to the doc and had a pelvic exam and bloodwork and urine tests done and he ruled out it being a kidney infection or appendicitis as i had that removed 3 years ago but it feels like that again! he just said go back next week if it's not better for a scan to check anything like cysts. i get pains down my right thigh too and even up to between my shoulder blades sometimes. when it's at it's worst, i even get pain up to between my ribs. however, i don't get pain when peeing but i may be going more than usual and my kidneys even hurt for a while last night. ive read that a cyst can push on other organs...?? i really don't know what to put this down to but thinking about it, i think my periods have been slightly lighter over the last few months - i'm sexually active with my boyfriend but i doubt that i could be pregnant as i'm taking yasmin birth control (have been for 2 years for acne) and i'm quite good with taking it on time etc etc. pleaseeee can someone give me an insight into this? i'm so upset and scared!
anything will be appreciated xx

jadey1232 Thu 01-Jan-09 20:18:51

by the way i feel aick a lot too but havn't actually been! x

jadey1232 Sat 03-Jan-09 10:41:26


Kanuck Sat 03-Jan-09 12:36:30

Jadey - I have almost the identical symptoms to you and I know its [mostly] from ovarian cysts. I have one that was last measured at 6cm on the right side and one that is almost 4cm on the left side. I was told they could grow, burst or just go away. I am also 9 weeks pregnant so if they do grow, they'd look at removing the larger one in the second trimester.

Regardless of being pregnant, I think you'd have similar symptoms to me if you did have ovarian cysts but I guess your symptoms could from something else too. I was told that cysts are extremely common (although usually smaller) and go each month with the menstrual cycle but if you're pregant they can persist much longer. If you're having that much pain and they are cysts, they're probaby greater thenn 3cm.

I would just buy a pregnancy test to be somewhat sure about that and then continue testing with doctors.

AttilaTheMeerkat Sat 03-Jan-09 16:51:36


I would ask your GP for a referral to a gynae if you are not already under the care of such a person.

Has anyone mentioned endometriosis to you as a possibility?. This should be checked for but it is not picked up through the tests you've had done to date. Its usually diagnosed through a keyhole surgery op called a laparoscopy.

I note as well you've had previous abdominal surgery; this certainly should be mentioned to the gynae when you see him.

jadey1232 Fri 09-Jan-09 21:14:47

hi all, thanks so much for the replies! well my severe cramps mainly seem to have gone so ive put that down to a stomach virus because around here there are so many bugs going around, although it lasted nearly 2 weeks!! still sometimes getting pain in my ovaries and lower back mainly in my right but a bit in the left. someone has mentioned endometriosis so i may get checked. got my results back today and everything was clear (urine, blood) although the nurse said it seemed as if i had bacterial vaginosis. i said i didnt have any symptoms i.e no pain when peeing or strange discharge its just my ovaries! she said if it persists to go back to radiology and they will try to work it out. anyone got anything to add? its frustrating as im only 18 lol and i seem to be sick all the time lately! ive had sinus problems since august on and off - took azithromycin for the infection which helped but as ive had so many colds and stuff i still keep getting the sinus pressure! so annoying! aaaaaaah! well thanks for any input everyone! xx

jadey1232 Fri 09-Jan-09 21:15:45

forgot to mention just had my period as normal, do you think i should still do a pregnancy test even though ive had the urine tests etc?

vanna Wed 27-May-09 22:38:18

I had a burst cyst last september and it took me about4 months to get back to normal energy wise and no pain.It is now may and this ovulation has just brought pain and bloating,have I got another one?anyone know?please?

Pinkbun Sat 27-Jun-09 22:53:31

Please can anyone advise. I have been diagnosed with what they think are chocolate cysts although they wont say until they operate on Tuesday. However, because of my age (47) they want to take everything away. I just want them to deal with the cysts. What can I say, they seem to be quite blase that I dont need my ovaries and that they can put me on HRT.

Please advise.

Pinkbun Sat 27-Jun-09 22:53:54

Please can anyone advise. I have been diagnosed with what they think are chocolate cysts although they wont say until they operate on Tuesday. However, because of my age (47) they want to take everything away. I just want them to deal with the cysts. What can I say, they seem to be quite blase that I dont need my ovaries and that they can put me on HRT.

Please advise.

Vigilanteawarenessraiser Sat 27-Jun-09 23:38:13

Hi Pinkbun,
sorry you're having problems.
I am in remission from severe endometriosis (including choc cysts). I haven't had a hysterectomy/ovaries removed, but I understand it like this: it's sometimes necessary and is the best option for some people, but should never be done unnecessarily. It's not something to be blase about - it's something that should be decided on as a last resort, after a lot of thought and understanding all the consequences, risks and benefits and after looking into other options. If you decide it's the best thing for you, then fine, but if you're not sure, don't let them rush you into it as once it's done it cannot be undone. IMO it's something that no-one should ever be rushed into, and if they are rushing you into it, that alone would make me feel quite uneasy. There ought to be other options they can try first, unless the cysts are extremely severe. It is good to keep your ovaries if possible, as they carry on producing small amounts of hormones even after the menopause. You can have HRT, but there are some long term health risks. If there are no other options, maybe they feel there's no need to wait and it will improve your quality of life - even so, you should still understand what you're going into, as then you're less likely to have regrets.

Last year I had a chunk of my bowel removed, I was able to go into theatre with a big smile on my face knowing I'd reached the end of the road with that particular section of bowel and having it removed was the best option for me. Things haven't always been easy since - there have been complications relating to the surgery - but I still smile when I think of the people who did that for me as it was the best thing that anyone's done for me (health-wise) in 10 years and they've improved my life so much. If, however, I had the feeling that there might have been other options that had not been explored, if I'd gone into the operation with doubts that were overridden, I might have found some of the negative consequences difficult to cope with.

Hopefully someone will be along soon who's had it done, to talk about what it actually feels like. But please do your own research - sorry I can't point you in the direction of any good articles, but I haven't needed to look at this sort of surgery for my self yet so I don't know as much about it as I do about some other topics.

Hope this helps.

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