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Calista Ovulation Test up for grabs

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moondog Sat 19-Feb-05 17:33:32

Got this a year or so ago,but got pregnant before I even had time to try it out. It cost me £14 and is very simple to use. Having a clear out and would like to think of it going to someone who could do with it.

sobernow Sat 19-Feb-05 17:35:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

moondog Sat 19-Feb-05 17:40:15

No, it's dead simple. Like a little lens that you lick and then view. Your saliva crystalises when you are ovulating and it can be seen quite clearly,so you know when to ttc.

moondog Sat 19-Feb-05 17:41:47

Goota go. I'll check this later. First come,first served! (Free btw.)

sobernow Sat 19-Feb-05 17:42:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

leahbump Sat 19-Feb-05 19:11:49

I had one too, also fell pg without really using it!! (well tried it out before we started ttc then misplaced it!) I'm keeping mine as I want to use it (alongside temping etc) as a contraceptive post baby!

The ferns are quite easy to see....but you do need to keep the lense very clean!!


Darem Wed 23-Feb-05 12:29:26

If this is still available might I ask for it?
I'm trying to get pregnant at the moment and spending a fortune on ovulation kits!

Darem Tue 01-Mar-05 20:37:12

Are you there?

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