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after two years, one lap&dye, clomid and ivf booked in 2 weeks, we've finally done it!!!

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Moomin Sat 19-Feb-05 15:01:29

I've just tested and got a bfp!!!!
i posted on the ttc18 thread but no one seems to be around and i'm so excited i can't keep still!

Newbarnsleygirl Sat 19-Feb-05 15:02:41



ImuststopdrinkingBlossomhill Sat 19-Feb-05 15:03:18

Fantastic!!! CONGRATULATIONS You must be over the moon. It was all worth it in the endx

coppertop Sat 19-Feb-05 15:05:06

I don't usually look in this section but just had to drop in to say a big


beansprout Sat 19-Feb-05 15:06:13

I'm SO pleased for you both. Congratulations!!!!

marthamoo Sat 19-Feb-05 15:08:12

Fantastic news, moomin (I had 2.5 years of ttc, Clomid etc. so I have some idea of what it's like). Go and put your feet up !

Moomin Sat 19-Feb-05 15:09:28

i can't stop crying, i'm so happy. dh has been crying too and his best friend, who's staying with us - the big girls' blouses!!
i've waited for this for such an age and i've been looking at all the fellow posters that i started off with on the ttc 2 years ago, most of them with babies now and i really thought it wasn't going to happen....
hope this is some help for those who are ttc at the moment and feeling down about it - it can happen!!!

expatinscotland Sat 19-Feb-05 15:11:52

Congrats to you, Moomin! Woohoo! Happy and healthy 9 months to you.

vicdubya Sat 19-Feb-05 15:12:24

Congratulations Moomin & dh!!!!

I had IVF and I'm so pleased for you it happened naturally and you didn;t have to start down that road.

Excellent news!

Go and put your feet up!!!!

Vicky x

nappybaglady Sat 19-Feb-05 15:13:40

Haven't been watching TTc thread but that's really great news. Made me all smiley reading it.

Look after yourself (both of you)

Cadbury Sat 19-Feb-05 15:13:59

How wonderful! Congratualtions. Here's to a very healthy pregnancy!

beansontoast Sat 19-Feb-05 15:14:52

what lovely lovely news

dramaqueen72 Sat 19-Feb-05 15:15:52

oh many many congrats to you. woohooo!!
how EXCITING for you, what lovely news to come and read.
take it easy

Laylasmum Sat 19-Feb-05 15:17:08

Brilliant Moomin well done!!

MancMum Sat 19-Feb-05 15:20:57

totally made up for you -- I did something similar... after 2 years were in docs starting IVF treatment when they did a PG test... quite shocked to see was already PG!! Now have 2kids and am totally grateful every day for them... I really do wish you well with your pregnancy

whimsy Sat 19-Feb-05 15:28:32

What wonderful news, Congratulations

80sMum Sat 19-Feb-05 15:31:58

What wonderful news, Moomin. You must be overjoyed. Congratulations and all happiness to you.

Christie Sat 19-Feb-05 15:39:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Titania Sat 19-Feb-05 15:40:52

congratulations!!! so pleased for you!! you so so deserve this!! good luck, love and best wishes to all 3 of you!! Hope you have an easy 9 months! take care of yourself (and the little bump!) x x x

logic Sat 19-Feb-05 15:51:31


charleepeters Sat 19-Feb-05 16:28:42

CONGRATS i hope all goes well and i wish you loads of luck!!!!!!!!

Miaou Sat 19-Feb-05 16:42:30

Brilliant! Really pleased for you and your dh!

soapbox Sat 19-Feb-05 16:42:34

Gosh thats you and Hester who are both longtermers from the TTC thread who have stuck lukcy!

Many congratulations - it looks like TTC18 is a pretty lucky thread

I hope every thing goes smoothly for the rest of your pregnancy

jessicasmummy Sat 19-Feb-05 16:44:51

As ive said on ttc thread - fantastic news sweetie! I set up ttc 18 so all thanks to me!!!

Seriously - lets hope its my week next week xxx

kama Sat 19-Feb-05 16:45:02

Message withdrawn

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