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'Low' progesterone yet BFP?

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sussexoldspot Fri 29-Aug-08 14:12:05

I usually lurk on the outskirts of MN rather than post, but have got myself into a right state and would really appreciate some advice/reassurance.

I am fast approaching 41, have a DS of 22 months and had a long, drawn-out miscarriage at Christmas 2007. My periods have been all over the place since them, culminating in my GP saying it was "possibly menopause". Progesterone level taken day 21 this month was 28.4. Yesterday (day 29) I got two BFPs! I'm not sure really what I'm asking, I guess I'm just wanting to know if there's anyone else on here who has conceived with relatively low progesterone levels and gone on to have a healthy pregnancy? Or should I really be worried about this? Thank you!

buttercupbabe Fri 29-Aug-08 14:27:31

Congratulations! Are you definite that your progesterone was taken at 7 dpo? When my prog levels were taken they were 22 one month and 40 the following.
I would try not to worry about your levels as something has obviously worked! when I got pg with dc2 (now 35 weeks) I spent the first few weeks worrying about levels and all is fine. In fact I asked my consultant if he would give me something to keep the levels high but he said there was no need and told me to come back at 7 wks for a scan.
Hope all goes well for you.

lastboxoftampons Fri 29-Aug-08 14:50:27

I would mention it to your GP. they could put you on pessaries if they think it's necessary. It's really an easy problem to fix. Do you have any spotting? 28.4 isn't really that low. I think a level of 30 indicates ovulation has occurred - but of course you've ovulated! Congratulations! smile

sussexoldspot Fri 29-Aug-08 14:51:49

Hmm, yes - despite me having cycles of 21 days one month, 33 days the next, 26 the next etc, this test really did seem very fixed at 21 days and I did wonder then if my result would be skewed as a result. Thank you so much for your post, am feeling better already. All the very best to you with the rest of your pregnancy!

sussexoldspot Fri 29-Aug-08 14:54:29

No spotting (am 'popping' to the bathroom at least 4 times an hour to check). Am seeing GP on Wed, so will ask him about the pessaries.

RosyBelle Tue 02-Sep-08 20:35:09

Sussex - I produce practically no progesterone - extremely low levels. I conceived 1 DD now aged 5 the month after my 1st levels were diagnosed as v low.
Am now 22 weeks pregnant with DC2 after 2 failed cycles of IVF. I had 2 miscarriages in between too.
This time I asked for the pessaries. They are called CYCLOGEST and can be used front or back. It def helped keep me pregnant this time. I took them until 10 weeks when the placenta takes over and your body does not need the hormone anymore. I asked my GP for them. I was on 400 mgs a day (2 pessaries a day)
Good luck

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