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EWCM from cycle to cycle?

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lastboxoftampons Fri 29-Aug-08 13:28:23

I had lots of EWCM back in January when we conceived - mc in March and hadn't seen it again since last cycle. Unfortunately, I was away from DH for a week when I ovulated. Last month was my first taking Agnus Castus in an effort to sort out my cycle and I thought the increased EWCM was down to that - so I was excited for this current cycle. Well, I got a +OPK last night, but no EWCM. There's a little up near my cervix, but nothing like last month or January.

Do you think I might not be producing any because of the stress of TTC? January was our first month trying and I never thought it would happen in a million years on the first try. Then last month, I was away from CD16 and so I knew we had done all we could before I left - didn't actually ov until CD22. So I just wonder if I only had EWCM because I wasn't stressing thinking about TTC because I knew DH wasn't around. Or do you just think some months you get it, some months you don't?

HairyToe Fri 29-Aug-08 20:24:39

Not sure whether stress affects it but my CM has definitely reduced since my mmc.

Last cycle(first full one since mc) I was really dry and in the past my EWCM has been really noticeable. This cycle I had a bit but nothing like I've had in the past.

Not sure what to put it down to - hormonal effetcs from mc? Random?

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