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If you've had a chemical pregnancy could you help me please?

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Jael Fri 29-Aug-08 10:01:03

I had my BFP on the new clearblue digi on tuesday,and another BFP on wednesday and yesterday morning. However, I went to the doctors on Wednesday because I have been having ALOT of painful cramps and bachache, she arranged a scan at the hosp for me yesterday. When I got there, I had an ultrasound, she couldn't find anbything at all, so she then did an internal,with camera etc, again she couldn't find anything at all, no sign of being pregnant at all. She did say the lining of my womb was thick but thats probably because my periods due?! She then made me do a pg test which was negative, and told me it probably is a CP and I'm probably going to start AF anytime soon. I'm really upset, am i just waiting for AF to start? That's what it feels like, although my boobs still hurt and I feel sicky. But I've still got really bad belly cramps anbd bacvhache...Jael x

MichaelaS Fri 29-Aug-08 13:16:54

Sorry to hear that - what bad news.

Not sure I can give advice on CP, but I do know a lot of pregnancies miscarry very early on - maybe even before implantation has completed - the whole thing is a complicated process and things can go wrong, and our bodies are built to clear out and start again if it doesn't look like the pregnancy will be feasible.

do you know whether the pg test the doctor gave you was different to the home ones? maybe a different strength or a blood one rather than urine?

hugs, and I hope you feel better soon and get absolutely definitley pregnant very soon!

BigBadMousey Fri 29-Aug-08 13:31:57

I've had this (lost at about 5.5 weeks).

Take it easy - things will sort themselves out in time. Make sure you look after yourself because chances are you are going to need some comforting. For me I felt I had no reason to grieve as I had lost her so early on but that was wrong.

It might be an idea to do your usual choice of PT after your AF has been then if you get a BFP next month you'll know whether or not it is residual hormones from this time (I know you had a test at the hospital but IME it's more definite if you do the test yourself with your regular brand).

It's a very common occurrance and many people never know it has happened ...but you probably know all that already...

rubles Fri 29-Aug-08 13:34:53

How pregnant did you think you were Jael? I have had a couple of CPs, where I was only 2 days late or so, and I had a very faint bfp. For me, I tested on two consecutive days and got faint lines, then on the third day the positive line had disappeared and my period came an hour or so later. It's such a crushing disappointment.

I hope you have this resolved as soon as possible, as you are in limbo at the moment. Could you see where you are tomorrow morning and retest then..just to make sure it isn't a difference in sensitivities between the CB digi and the epu test?

Jael Fri 29-Aug-08 13:36:50

The sonographer said the tests they use aren't as sensitive as the ones in the shop. I'm just really really confused. I've had no spotting/bleeding, but sonographer doesn't think it looks good so I'm just kinda taking her word for it, even though theres a tiny glimpse of hope that everything could still be ok. I mean I'm CD34 today, and weve worked out that we coneived no earlier than CD18, so I'd technically only be a tiny bit pregnant,maybe that's why she couldn't see anything? Not gonna get my hopes up though...

SuziBhoy Fri 29-Aug-08 13:48:22

Hi Jael

Something similar happened to me. I had 5 BFP (the reason i took so many tests was because i was starting to doubt i was, as the docs couldnt find anything). Anyway, turned out i was........ they never found it for weeks and weeks. Unfortunately the pregnancy never survived.

what im trying to say is... i think you know yourself what is going on with your own body, and that you should trust your own instincts. Dont give up until you get an answer for it.

Jael Fri 29-Aug-08 13:53:40

If it is a CP when will i start bleeding, I know it sounds horrible, but I just kinda want it to start already. I feel like I'm waiting for it to happen, every time i go to the loo, I'm checking to see if i'm spotting/bleeding (sorry TMI) I got another BFP this morning, so I'm jus really confused.

SuziBhoy Fri 29-Aug-08 13:59:13

Sounds really frustrating. sad

its obvious there is something going on in there. Have you got any other follow ups to go to or have they told you to wait and see what happens?

Jael Fri 29-Aug-08 15:05:01

I'm trying to get an appointment at my doctors to do blood tests to measure HCG, whatever that means. I'm guessing if it goes down then I'm having a CP, just want it all to be over, so we can gety on with TTC again...

ScaryHairy Fri 29-Aug-08 15:34:16

I don't know whether a scan at 16 DPO could have picked anything up anyway - it seems very early to me.

I think you should wait a few days and then test again. The egg may have failed to implant properly, but it may just be too early to tell.

If I were you I don't think I would have blood tests just yet as, frankly, all of those doctor's appointments, hospital visits, serial blood HCGs etc are pretty stressful and none of them will change the outcome. If things still look confusing in a week then yes, I would go to the Dr, but at this early stage you could get some quite confusing results.

I know from experience that it is very hard to sit and wait (and hope) but it may be the only thing to do.

ScaryHairy Fri 29-Aug-08 15:37:48

Jael - I've just reread your original post and wanted to add that backache and cramping in early pregnancy are very common. You are getting BFPs and like I say, I would not be surprised if it was too early to pick up the pregnancy on a scan.

I really think you should try to take it easy and relax a bit. You may be pregnant from the sound of it, but having lots of tests etc is only going to stress you out and not change anything.

SuziBhoy Fri 29-Aug-08 15:41:28

when they test your hcg, they will test to see how much of the hormone is there. Anything above 5 suggests pregnancy. The higher the number the stronger the pregnancy, but if the number is low, the this means you are having a weak pregnancy.

Try not to stress out too much, and let us know how you get on.... fingers crossed for you x

Jael Fri 29-Aug-08 15:49:11

Thanks ScaryHairy and SuziBhoy, I am extremely stresed and I'm convinced now that it's not going to work out for the best. I never had all these pains when I was pregnant with my daughter. I'm in so much pain all I can do is sit with my hot water bottle, it really feels like I'm going to start AF. Like i said I keep checking all the time to see if I'm spotting or bleeding, I cried so much yesterday,we were in with the sonographer for almost an hour and all I wanted was some sign that I was pregnant.

ScaryHairy Fri 29-Aug-08 16:03:33

I know it is awful waiting to see what will happen, especially when you really want to be pregnant and your hormones are all over the place. But if this is a chemical pregnancy just remember that it doesn't mean a thing for your future chances. Ten years ago, when there were not such sensitive home tests you would not have had any idea you were pregnant at this stage (which I sometimes think is a better situation than women being aware every time they have a cp).

It sucks and I know you want some certainty but I suspect that until you get a bit further along there is very little certainty to be had.

chibi Fri 29-Aug-08 16:04:13

This happened to me. It may be too early to tell one way or another what is going to happen. It is the hardest thing, you have my sympathies.

Take care of yourself and be kind to yourself.

Thinking of you xx

yellowflowers Fri 29-Aug-08 16:04:25

Hi Jael, just wanted to send you love and support, I've been following your story on the may thread. xx

Jael Fri 29-Aug-08 16:08:31

Thanks again everyone, and I know one thing for sure now, I will never ever be testing early again. I think I'd rather not no, if it was a CP or not if you get what I mean, and just come on AF not even knowing you'd even had a CP. It is really hard not knowing where I stand really, cuz technically I'm meant to be 5 weeks tomorrow, but me and DP worked out yesterday that conception happend no earlier that CD18. I still thought the sonographer would have picked something though, I mean she even did the internal with camera?

ScaryHairy Fri 29-Aug-08 16:15:06

No, it can be very difficult to pick up a pregnancy with any ultrasound at 16dpo. At that stage it is something like a fifth of a milimeter in length. A rule of thumb that my doctors seem to apply is that when HCG levels hit 2000 they expect to see something in the uterus (and if they can't they consider the pregnancy to be ectopic). At 16 dpo (say, 6 days after implantation) your HCG could be very far below that e.g. in the low hundreds at most.

I have had an ectopic in the past and so have to have early scans and my Doctors all tell me that 6 weeks is early enough - and they can be sure of seeing something by then.

Early testing is a nightmare - last month I tested early and had a CP so I do know how you feel. But this month I got a BFP again and this one seems to be sticking so yes, feel sad if this one fails, but bear in mind that there is always next month. If this is a CP what you can take away from it is that your partner's sperm and your eggs work, and they are capable of meeting and the sperm of penetrating the egg. It's a good sign even if this one does not work out.

Jael Fri 29-Aug-08 16:25:05

Thanks, you know your stuff. just reading everything that you've put has helped me alot. I really don't know what I'd do without MN,i'm so glad I found it. Congratulations on your BFP btw, how far along are you? So, should I wait a week and if AF has not arrived by then, retest?

SuziBhoy Fri 29-Aug-08 16:27:31

Yeah I agree scaryhairy, i felt a little at ease after my experience as i knew that everything was working the way it should, and that maybe the ectopic/MC would kickstart everything. heres to hoping.

ScaryHairy Fri 29-Aug-08 16:31:49

Yes, that's what I would do.

The only thing I would add is that if the pain becomes unbearable or if it is still there in a week it is probably worth seeing your Dr again to get checked out.

In the meantime, take care of yourself and try not to stress (impossible, I know).

majormoo Fri 29-Aug-08 19:38:42

I had one of these earlier in the year. Positive tests on the Monday and negative on the following Saturday.Got my period a day or so later. It was heavier than usual. It was still upsetting because you have the excitement of finding out you are pregnant then it is taken away.

On a more positive note, I was pregnant again before my next period and am now 25 weeks

lou031205 Fri 29-Aug-08 20:30:29

Jael, I don't want to upset you, if you have got your head around the CP idea, but it is very very unusual to be able to see even a gestational sac at 4+5 weeks. Also, you may have ovulated late.

I had cramps with DD1 that were so bad I went to A&E. She is almost 2.9 now.

I also had cramps and pain with DD2 (I have had an appendectomy, so suspect it is adhesions, but has to be checked out regardless in case of ectopic), and when they scanned me at 5 weeks, they could only just detect a sac, and had to do serial hCGs to check progression of the pregnancy.

I am not saying it isn't a CP, just that there are other explanations smile

Jael Fri 29-Aug-08 21:41:50

I really feel like I'm going to start AF at anytime though. I "believe" I'm not pregnant anymore, and that makes me really sad. But the cramps are so bad, I've got belly cramps and backache at the same time,it hurts so so bad. I've never had period pains like ths in my life.

Jael Fri 29-Aug-08 21:41:57

I really feel like I'm going to start AF at anytime though. I "believe" I'm not pregnant anymore, and that makes me really sad. But the cramps are so bad, I've got belly cramps and backache at the same time,it hurts so so bad. I've never had period pains like ths in my life.

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