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really confused!

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GroovyRach Thu 28-Aug-08 22:36:49

hi, im still new to this website but i think its gonna be a great place to hopefully find out some answers! i'll start from the beginning. hopfully this wont be to long!!

so ive been on the pill for a few years, but me and my partner have been talking about kids for a while now. he went away to work for alomost 4 weeks so i became a bit relaxed with taking my pill. sometimes i wasent taking it for a few days. partner came back 17th july and we had sex the next night (18th). i was about 3 weeks into my pill pack, so still had atleast 5/6 pills still to take before my break. we didnt use any other contraception.

anyway, i was thinking i would be due my period around 26th/27th july but was very surprised to see spots of blood on the 21st! only 3 days after sex. now my periods usually come on in a few hours and last about 4 days at most. this period was very light. i was aware at times that i didnt need anything other than a thin liner as there wasent much there. it went on for around 7/8 days which is odd. on the 1st day of bleeding, i decided just to finish with the pill cos i had missed so many anyway.

so im usually due every 4weeks 4 days and going by that 'period' i wouldve been due again 21st/22nd aug and its a no show. i done a test on wed (27th) and it was neg. i had some expected period pains on 25th/26th which made me think it was coming, but nothing. i may give it to over the weekend and test again if its still a no show.

ive taken breaks from the pill before and its never messed up my periods like this, so dont think that light bleeding earlier was due to missed pills etc. but if i did fall preg that night, would 3 days after sex be to soon for implantation bleeding and would it go on for 7/8 days? i was really starting to think i was preg cos my period has never been this late. maybe a day or so but never a week. but the fact of the neg preg test had just made me more confused! it was just a cheap test that my friend was told to buy by her doc (just the strip, no fancy packaging etc). kinda reluctant to shell out £10 for a test if its just gonna be neg again.

so this is a long post, sorry!! anyone out there have any idea????? thanks in advance!!


GroovyRach Thu 28-Aug-08 22:38:37

sorry, make that only 2 weeks into my pill pack!

MamaMimi Fri 29-Aug-08 01:35:35

An implantation bleed could come just 3 days after sex (mine did) but it would normally be just a little bit of spotting I think and wouldn't last for 7 days.

I mean I'm not positive or anything, but I doubt it would go on for more than a day.

Can't really offer any other advice except to say that if you tested after your period was due and it was neg it was probably right.
Although you may be as well doing another test if you period doesn't arrive soon.

Hopefully someone else can come along with a bit more info later today.

Joy27 Fri 29-Aug-08 12:38:42

I used to be very hit and miss with taking my pill, and always had a bit of odd breakthrough bleeding after missing one/a few. I wouldn't read too much into the bleed itself. I also would have thought that preg test done more than a month after possible conception would have come up positive if you were pregnant.

However, of course when you don't take your pill you're reducing its effectiveness, and have a higher risk of pregnancy.
Maybe do another test in a few days, but in the mean time, I wouldn't worry too much.

HairyToe Fri 29-Aug-08 20:20:32

I'm not an expert but I'm guessing that if you miss a few pills your hormone levels would drop and you'd get a bit of breakthrough bleeding.

GroovyRach Sun 31-Aug-08 02:12:11

thanks for your comments. did put me at ease smile my period started again last night, just a funny month!!

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