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Should I test?

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angelnyx Wed 27-Aug-08 18:17:51

Hi mums, I'm going to apologise in advance as this might be bit of a long one but I'm going to go mad if I don't talk about this with someone!

For the last week and a half I've not been feeling to great but it wasn't until two separate people asked me if I was pregnant that I thought they could be early symptoms. First of all I started feeling nauseous and light headed, then my boobs started to ache and then the dizziness got worse to the point of almost passing out (was rather embarrassing, was out for a quiet drink with friends and before I even got to the bar had to lie down on the pavement to stop myself from fainting!). Then there's the tiredness, the twinges in the pelvic region and feeling totally loved up/emotional.

My cycle can be a bit varied (between 24 and 32 days usually) but I'm not sure the dates really "fit". My last period started on approx 12th aug which should mean I have just/am about to ovulate which would normally explain the sore/heavy boobs but this time they feel different somehow. But that would mean if I am pregnant then it happened before my last period. My period was shorter than usual though, 4 days instead of the normal 7. I suppose it could have been an implantation bleed but (sorry if this is TMI) the first 2 days were heavy, fresh blood with clots and the second two days were much much lighter, almost verging on spotting. Had my usual cramps but there just wasn't as much blood, even on the first 2 days as there usually is (I use a mooncup so it was easy to tell).

But the dates for last month don't exactly fit either! If we say I ovulated 14 days before my period started that would be 29th July but my partner was working abroad until August 3rd!

So what do you think? Is it all in my mind or is it worth taking a test? Or should I wait and see if I'm late and try not to go mad in the meantime?

AvenaLife Wed 27-Aug-08 18:20:28

Do a test now if it puts you at ease. You sound really stressed. There's no harm. If it's negative then wait for your period. Get an early one. smile

angelnyx Wed 27-Aug-08 18:36:55

Thanks AvenaLife, I think I might have to. I'm not particularly stressed yet but I may well be after waiting! If it's +ve I'll be fine, but if it's -ve I'll still have the nervous wait. It's the dates not fitting that makes me think it's all in my head, but the Dr's threw the rule book out the window many years ago with me, my body just doesn't behave "normally"!

AvenaLife Wed 27-Aug-08 18:49:23

Some cycles are really difficult to predict and it does depend when you ovulate. Sperm can survive for 3 days though. Try it and see what it says.


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