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How about a June baby then (or even the end of May!)

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JLo2 Wed 27-Aug-08 13:44:30

Thought I'd start a new thread for those of us who are out for May. Love to see some of my old friends here as well as maybe some new ones smile

yellowflowers Wed 27-Aug-08 13:49:13

Hello, I'll join you! Going to start extra BDing from Sat which will be cd 10.

Jools1 Wed 27-Aug-08 14:02:46

Hey Yelloflowers, we are in synch I'll be CD10 on Sat too. Was thinking of starting the BD Fest on Friday, as that is when Fertility Friend thinks my fertile days start.

I've kept up with the May thread but didn't post - was too busy feeling my way round and learning about this TTC lark - nice to make friends now though

littlemissmischief Wed 27-Aug-08 14:47:16

Hi ladies can I join, was on the May thread and thought I was defo pg for a while blush then realised it was all in my head cos i got AF. Still have AF at the mo but last few months been going on when i got pg with ds but think i will try ovulations sticks or BDing every other day right tho or something, I cant remember if your CD is the day you start your period or the day it finishes???

JLo2 Wed 27-Aug-08 18:33:09

Hi everyone, good to see some familiar faces smile I'm a bit behind as I'm only CD1.

As I said on the May thread earlier today, I'm having a bit of a post holiday wobble about TTC, but I'm sure it will pass.

littlemissmischief - There is absolutely no need to be blush about thinking you are pregnant. You are talking to the world's worst symptom spotter! I was exactly like you in July, absolutely convinced I was pregnant. I did a pg test on my birthday which was CD28 and promptly burst into tears when it was a BFN blush

Linwin Wed 27-Aug-08 18:42:46

Hi ladies,

Can i join as well?

I am TTC 1 and on cycle 2 - was imagining all sorts of symptoms this past week, in fact at the weekend I was soooo positive I was PG. Currently on CD38 of 33-34 day cycle but got a BFN with clearblue yesterday so kinda knew the game was up.
Then today the usual back pains that come a day or two before AF. How could she trick me so cruelly?

Anyway, onwards and upwards, whatever will be will be. etc etc etc.

Fingers crossed for all of us for June babies!

Linwin Wed 27-Aug-08 18:48:50

Arghhh - scrub that, now on CD1 - the witch has just arrived.

littlemissmischief Wed 27-Aug-08 19:00:56

Hey JLo2 - I did read your post on the May thread, I know what you mean about having a wobble I only have one ds and I think 'oh should I have another' mainly cos i dont want him not to get enough attention and plus i had a terrible pregnancy and not a great birth so very scared but really dont want him to be an only child (not that there is anything wrong with it) so im soildering on lol.

Linwin - so sorry the Old witch has arrived - damn that woman smile June is a lovely month to have a baby anyway atleast we can all start from scrath with clean slates anyway hey?

Can I just ask does CD start from day of period which would mean im on CD4 - my periods arent very regular tho so have brought some cheapy ovulation tests from ebay, i think my longest cycle this year has been 36 days (apart from one month I didnt have one) but before ds i went months without one so a bit more regular now x

Waiting2Exhale Thu 28-Aug-08 00:18:26

Hi ladies,

Great to see so many familiar names....was also on the May thread until AF arrived, but seen this thread and thought I'd join.

Littlemissmischief - CD 1 starts from the very first day of bleeding, (I don't believe spotting counts - though I am happy to be corrected).

Linwin - that is soooooo annoying..Just when you think she has missed you this month, she goes and shows up unexpectedly and uninvited sad.

JLo2, Jools1 and Yellowfollow,,,hi girls...hoping this is our month this time.

Currently on CD 5...will start BD early next week...not looking forward to the 2ww.

mrsleroyjethrogibbs Thu 28-Aug-08 07:19:34

ladies can you please put my mind at rest here? take a look at


what do you see?

mrsleroyjethrogibbs Thu 28-Aug-08 07:44:16

this is better should I say


lillypie Thu 28-Aug-08 07:46:49


lillypie Thu 28-Aug-08 07:51:52

Hi again ladies I'm up for a June baby smile

I will be CD10 on Saturday as well so looks like a few of us will be dancing all weekend grin

Who is going to do a list?

I'm TTC4 CD8

littlemissmischief Thu 28-Aug-08 08:50:36

mrsleroy - that is what my first 2 pg tests look like...he is now 2 years old grin congrats you lucky thing!

Hey lillypie i would do a list but im a bit useless [shame]

Im on CD5 but AF only stopped this morning (sorry tmi) got my ov sticks coming tom so should help me know when to BD as I dont have regular periods but i worked out yesterday my average CD is 40 I had a 53 one in May but this month was only 31 hmm

Waiting to exhale thnaks for the help x

tink08 Thu 28-Aug-08 08:57:19

hi ladies well af arrived day 42 !! was really thinking it was my month but hey ho smile
cd 5 now so thought i'd join you guys , my dd1 was born june so maybe it'll happen this time ,
good luck to all x x x

Linwin Thu 28-Aug-08 09:15:23

Oh dear tink sorry to hear that, it sounds like you were in a similar boat to me - I was so sure as well it was my month.

mrsleroy I can't get access to the links as work has restricted those sites whatever they are. angry

Here are my stats -

Linwin TTC #1 Cycle 3 - CD2

funkybumps Thu 28-Aug-08 09:40:44

Hi girls, not sure whether I should join this or the May thread ( but noticed you included the end of May also lol )

TTC#2 Cycle 2 - CD 23 of a 28 day cycle.

Think I missed my ov day this month though so am guessing I'll be out shortly, although I am feeling sick all of the time.

JLo2 Thu 28-Aug-08 10:48:45

Morning all. Okay I'm the saddo who likes the list grin so I'd better do it. Hope I haven't missed anyone blush Please feel free to add or change it. I certainly can't promise to update it every day.

funkybumps TTC#2 CD 23,
yellowflowers TTC#1 CD8, Jools1 TTC# CD8, lillypie TTC#4 CD8
tink08 TTC#2 CD5, littlemissmischief TTC#2 CD
Linwin TTC #1 CD2, JLo2 TTC#4 CD2

mrsleroyjethrogibbs BFP

mrsleroyjethrogibbs Thu 28-Aug-08 10:53:03

linwin its the photobucket website..grrr that you cant see it though.
Thank you to everyone, its early days so I am keeping an open mind atm

JLo2 Thu 28-Aug-08 10:53:14

OMG Just realised I missed my fellow list fan - many apologies W2E blushblush

funkybumps TTC#2 CD 23,
yellowflowers TTC#1 CD8, Jools1 TTC# CD8, lillypie TTC#4 CD8
tink08 TTC#2 CD5, WaitingtoExhale TTC#2 CD5, littlemissmischief TTC#2 CD
Linwin TTC #1 CD2, JLo2 TTC#4 CD2

mrsleroyjethrogibbs BFP

clairey80 Thu 28-Aug-08 10:55:04

can i join??!!!!!

i'm on CD 7 so will be at it like a mad thing over the weekend, last cycle was 27 days so any tips and stuff would be good, only 2nd month trying for us so new to all this really!!

bit about me, my name is Claire, married to Gareth, i'm 27 he's 25 grin first month TTC last month, no success, june baby would be perfect as he's a teacher and would be on summer hols so perfect time to look after me and baby

Jools1 Thu 28-Aug-08 11:54:24

Just got to the Welsh office after a 4 hr trip this morning - shattered already ! Am away overnight, so hopefully DP will be pleased to see me tomorrow and we can start the weekend as I mean to go on wink

Have updated my details

funkybumps TTC#2 CD 23,
yellowflowers TTC#1 CD8,
Jools1 TTC#1 CD8,
lillypie TTC#4 CD8
tink08 TTC#2 CD5,
WaitingtoExhale TTC#2 CD5, littlemissmischief TTC#2 CD
Linwin TTC #1 CD2, JLo2 TTC#4 CD2

mrsleroyjethrogibbs BFP

littlemissmischief Thu 28-Aug-08 12:08:17

Hi ladiesnice to see some more people on here good luck to you all.
I just got my ovulation sticks, I brought 25 but not sure when to start testing beause my cycles range from 31 to 56 days?? Any ideas anyone???
Have also updated my details smile

funkybumps TTC#2 CD 23,
yellowflowers TTC#1 CD8,
Jools1 TTC#1 CD8,
lillypie TTC#4 CD8
tink08 TTC#2 CD5,
WaitingtoExhale TTC#2 CD5, littlemissmischief TTC#2 CD5
Linwin TTC #1 CD2,
JLo2 TTC#4 CD2

mrsleroyjethrogibbs BFP

yellowflowers Thu 28-Aug-08 15:08:05

Hi Jools1 (and lillypie)

Great to be in synch though my cycle about 30 days. What about you two? We're on holiday next week (cd 14-19 so am hoping for some action every day).

Jools1 Thu 28-Aug-08 16:41:37

Not entirely sure about my cycle ! The last three have been 29, 26 and 27 days and I wasn't really paying attention before then, but I do know they changed drastically after I had a really really bad bout of gastroenteritis in March - I used to have a 35 day cycle that ran like clockwork till then !

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