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CLOMID first time... questions, questions, questions!!!

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babymadness Wed 27-Aug-08 12:22:28

hello... can anyone shed any light? i have pco and have been ttc for 5 years. i am in my first cycle of clomid (day 14) and had a scan today. They said i have 3 big folicles on one ov and one big one on the triplets would be likely! i dont understand fully tho....i thought i ovulated 2 days ago (day 12)...clear, stretchy stuff in pants and pain in ov but the scan showed the folicles so i couldnt have ovulated yet, which is really disappointing as my hubby is away now so no more getting busy! we got busy from day 11, 12 and 13 but am now thinking i may not ovulate as today is 9 days after taking clomid....oh how confusing...i'm giving myself a head ache....oh no...thats clomid!!! anyone have a suggestions for me?! ps have had an ache on the left ov since day 12.....

Stargazer1969 Wed 13-Jun-12 20:31:01

Hi I have started a 6 month course of clomid 50mg days 2 - 6. I have had blurry vision, mood swings, tears, paranoia and even the headaches! I will stick with it and with the support of my husband get through it with hopefully success at the end of it or sooner! I'm am 42 and we have a 6 year old little boy. We would love a brother or sister for him. We had a miscarriage at 8.5 weeks back in Oct 2010 and have been trying ever since. I've tried Fertilaid and Zita West Vitafem but still no pregnancy. Specialist said all is normal with us both ie. tubes clear, bloods normal, sperm count normal so giving clomid a go now. Would love to hear your stories...

Attagirl79 Fri 10-Aug-12 23:20:23

Hi all, I was wondering whether anyone else has been prescribed 100mg per day of clomid from the offset and what issues it is intended to address. I have a very low amh (4.39 first test; 8.12 second test) but otherwise should be fine. I am little nervous of my consultant and from what I have read this is quite a high dose for the first time round. Any thoughts much appreciated! Thanks

Everhopeful83 Sat 15-Sep-12 20:24:42

Hi Attagirl79

I was put on 50gm of Clomid for the first month - had my day 21 blood tests and they said I hadnt ovulated. They have increased my does to 100gm for second month, i'm on day 18 now, had headaches and feeling sickly. But wouldnt say the side affects were any worse that when I was on the 50gm. I'm just hoping it works this time, but havent had any cramps so dont think iv ovulated again?

lou80xx Thu 12-Feb-15 10:46:19

ok so im new to all this,ive been ttc for 5yrs,ive have pcos and my right ovary is blocked!!
so been to the fertility clinc and they have prescribed clomid 50mg.
today I have taken the first one feeling a little nervous......just wondering what everyones view are?
And would love any advice? (good or bad)!

Kimdarling Fri 06-Mar-15 02:29:35

I've taken my first month of 50mg Clomid ttc for 5 years with PCOS on cycle day 31 and still no period have all the symptoms of pregnancy yet a negative test! so frustrating sad have I tested to early? What symptoms did you all experience when you got preg with clomid?
Thank you x

babytalk19211 Thu 20-Aug-15 19:56:18

Hey all.
Just been offered clomid 50mg. I'm waiting on having a follicular tracking scan on Day One of my period before I can start the First round on Day two.
Nothing was found to be wrong with either me or my partner and we have been trying for 5 years for our first baby. I was wondering what are our chances with it happening for us?
Much love xx

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