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CLOMID first time... questions, questions, questions!!!

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babymadness Wed 27-Aug-08 12:22:28

hello... can anyone shed any light? i have pco and have been ttc for 5 years. i am in my first cycle of clomid (day 14) and had a scan today. They said i have 3 big folicles on one ov and one big one on the triplets would be likely! i dont understand fully tho....i thought i ovulated 2 days ago (day 12)...clear, stretchy stuff in pants and pain in ov but the scan showed the folicles so i couldnt have ovulated yet, which is really disappointing as my hubby is away now so no more getting busy! we got busy from day 11, 12 and 13 but am now thinking i may not ovulate as today is 9 days after taking clomid....oh how confusing...i'm giving myself a head ache....oh no...thats clomid!!! anyone have a suggestions for me?! ps have had an ache on the left ov since day 12.....

TS73 Wed 24-Jun-09 14:40:07

I have PCOS and have just started my first cycle of clomid. Today was my last day of taking it (day 5) but I have had some bleeding today. Does anyone know if that's a normal / common side effect? I'm only on day 8 of my cycle.... Any pointers much appreciated.

eveywoo77 Wed 05-Aug-09 13:37:15

hi eveyone just joined mumsnet and glad i have. We have been ttc for 13 months and after a million blood test, HCG test which was horribly painful my fella being tested and them finding nothing wrong with either of us we have been put on clomid, we are now on our 2nd cycle I have follical tracking and last month i had 2 healthy eggs and myining was nice and thick I was given and injection to make me release my eggs in the next 36 hours so we went home and had some fun but AF came and went so on to the 2nd cycle but this time it has been very diff from the 1st where it made me feel very aggitated and sick and gave me all preg symptoms poss but my AF was so light but did 2 test both neg this month I have had none of that only mild tender boobs I am due on today and as of yet no signs!!! So fingers crossed. xxxxxx

eveywoo77 Thu 06-Aug-09 14:01:20

Hi God damn Af came today so after crying my eyes out telling my fella im not gunna make him a daddy this month either its on with 3rd cycle of clomid and follical tracking on 17th. Why why why is life so cruel xx

eveywoo77 Thu 06-Aug-09 14:04:58

Hi TS73 im on 3rd cycle this month and I havent had any bleeding other than when i should but clomid has changed my Af dramatically I went from not even being able to leave the house with flooding and pain to the lightest i have ever had so i know it can muck you around abit but if your unsure of antything phone your clinic they have always been gald to answer ant questions i have had. xxxx

Fairygodmother1 Sat 29-Aug-09 18:46:16

Hi TS73,
I had that on my first cycle (although yours was months ago now). Dr told me if it happened this cycle to go back!

I've started 2nd cycle today.

How did yours pan out?

CSparks Sun 04-Oct-09 10:33:56

Hello everyone.

im really after lots of advise.. first time on here,nd not sure of all the abbreviations! lol.

im lead to believe i have POCS,i havent had a period for 2years,so they have me provera.which i took for 10 days and hav my period on the 14th day!
im on day 12 of my cycle(never been so exited to have 1!!lol)and took 100mg clomid,ive also been taking metrofomin 1500mg,i had an internal scan on friday, 1st 1 and said that my folicals are small,they are 6 she said they should be 18 or above to realse eggs(not sure if that mm or what)
to be fair, i havent been given much advice and find it a little frustrating!

i was sick on the clomid. ive constantantly felt un energentic/tired since taken medication.(im genreally quite energentic gym person)just fell like want to curl up on the sofa every day!also feeling dizzy.and was getting massive headaches.whcih have stopped now for a few days!

ive seen comments of here of people releaxing!!?? Gym or chill? lol

really open to loads of advise girlies. x

beckylou85 Wed 11-Nov-09 00:02:23

Hi everyone, this is my first time on this site so i'm not sure of all the abreviations. I have taken clomid this cycle for the first time, i am now on day 22 of my cycle, I have regular 28 day cycles. I don't know if the clomid worked as I have never ovulated before (thats what my doctor tells me) although I did get some cramps on day 12 and 13 so not sure if that was me ovulating, but I hope it was. Can anyone tell me the sucess rate with clomid? I would love to hear from anyone who has been sucessful with clomid and how long it took them to get pregnant.
Good luck to everyone trying to get pregnant! xxxxxxx

wrayner Wed 30-Dec-09 09:27:38

Hi everyone. I am a newbie to this site. I have started taking Clomid. I read some many negative side effects about Clomid. .e.g. it can decrease the quality of my cervical mucus and other side effects. These made me wonder should I try for the second dose? But, after reading so many sucessful stories on this site. I decided to carry on. Does anyone know how to increase the cervical mucus? WRayner

sanfan Mon 11-Jan-10 22:07:35

Help please??? My NHS doctor told me that although I have not had a period for 6 months he wont do anythihg for another 6 months but at 36yrs old I think time is of the essence. I have made an appointment with a private GP to see whether there is anything that can be done to kick start my periods and to help conceive. Other people have suggested what I need is Clomid but from what I read the women on it have had some sort of period. Any suggestions anybody. I have one child already which I had no problem conceiving.

PicknMix Tue 12-Jan-10 22:08:34

I'm pretty sure that the NHS start tests for women over 35 once you have been ttc for 6 months so it's definitely worth getting a second opinion. Some Dr's can be a little bit dismissive so don't be afraid to fight your corner and demand tests.

Clomid can only be prescribed once you have been diagnosed with ovualtory problems - I had to have all sorts of tests (blood tests, scans etc) before I was prescribed clomid. It's powerful stuff so they need to be 100% sure its right for you.

I'm no expert about kick starting periods I'm afraid so have no advice about that - I've heard some people suggest accupuncture if you're interested in alternative therapies? I've also heard of some people who have been put on the contraceptive pill for a month to kick start things....

Hope you get the help and info you need.

Best of luck

PnM x

yellowflowers Thu 14-Jan-10 13:56:26

Hi lauralou1 - congratulations! Sorry to hijack the thread but can I ask you a question? Are you very overweight? I am and due to hopefully start clomid at end of month if consultant gives to me as promised - delighted to hear it can work. x

yellowflowers Thu 14-Jan-10 16:52:18

Sorry to hijack but hello ray81 - it's been ages. Come back and say hello on our thread. Me and jools are still there sad

NKffffffffd225c253X128266aac2f Thu 22-Apr-10 17:52:49

i am 35 and was taking depo since oct 2006 and stopped my depo may 28th 2008.we have tried to get pregnant but with no joy. I havent had my period too!
I went to see my doctor previously she said wait 1 complete year after stopping depo so I went today and she said she wants blood tests, swab from down there and also do a clymidia test, I told her I only sleep with 2 men in my life. I dont know I am so emotional crying in secret from my husband as I am scared to let him see me this way and he has already told me that he believes that we will be fine and not to worry. But he also has a problem with 1 testicle and they did scans and checks and said his sperm is fine but due to the one testicle its still reduces the chances more. my husband refuses to talk about this arena before or during the tests. he had a scan to check he had a retracted testicle but he had an operation regards to his testicle and he did not know as a child if they removed it the scan recently said he did have it removed and his sperm sample was ok too.the doctor did say it does reduce the chances of getting pregnant and my age 35. i have a 15 year old son from a previous marriage but i would like to have a child with my husband and i would like to experience the normal couple relationship whilst pregnant and not a single parent and alone during pregnancy. i am so upset and worried.
I asked the doctor about clomid she said she would not give me anything until i do blood tests and swabs down below, she has referred me for a scan to ask the questions if my tubes etc eggs are there and working ok or if theres anything they can see wrong.then she will once the results in the next few weeks are done refer me to st mary's hospital.
please if anyone feels they know or went through the same then please tell me their experiences.

Dolly99 Tue 01-Jun-10 17:21:07

Hey all,

I am on my 1st course of clomid, days 2-6, im on my 4th tablet. WE have the ovulation sticks ready, and we have ssid we will start the tests 3 days after my last clomid. (so sat). I find it all rather confusing also, and have found writing the days in my diary a massive help. so have days of bleed, days of clomid, 10 days after for 'busy time' and we have agreed that we both will be busy allot! any excuse hey. hmm

any helpful tips and advice would be appreciated ladies x

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 01-Jun-10 18:10:17

Hi Dolly,

Please do not use the ovulation predictor kits with clomid - clomid encourages LH to be produced and these kits reads LH. The kit could well read that particular LH level thus giving you a false positive result.

BTW you should be monitored carefully whilst on clomid as it is quite powerful stuff. No monitoring is a no-no as you will have no way of knowing whether its doing its job or not otherwise. Its main job is to make the ovaries work harder.

Dolly99 Wed 02-Jun-10 10:18:09

Thank you for your reply.

We have spoken to the doc and also read the ovulation tests and you can use the sticks 3 days after your last clomid.

we are on 50mg for the forst 3 months, then have scans then if not working go onto 100mg. they hope 50mg wil work tho. and the blood test on day 21 shows if the clomid is working or not, as the increse in prog should be higher, this is what the blood test is for?

roastie Tue 15-Jun-10 20:58:04

Hi All

Im new on here and am hopefully going to start my first round of clomid. I have a quick question, i dont done where everyone else is based but im in the UK. My question is, The hospital perscribed me Clomid and like i said i am due to take it this month. However i have noticed on a lot of threads that peeople who have been perscribed Clomid are having regular folicles scans and check ups? I have just been given 6 months supply and told to come back in 9 months. Is this normal procedure??

Any advice will be great

stegasaurus Wed 16-Jun-10 09:52:27

It does seem to vary, possibly depending on how much your PCT wants to pay for. I am about to start my first course of Clomid next week after taking Provera this week. I am supposed to have a blood test for FSH and LH on day 3 (which won't happen this month as I'm on holiday) and a blood test for progesterone on day 21, and also what the dr referred to as a 'dye test with a x-ray' but I don't know the technical term for that at some point. I have an appointment to go back and see the dr in October if I'm not pregnant then.

Dolly99 Wed 16-Jun-10 17:45:39

roastie - this is the same as me! i was given clomid and then go to doc for blood tests on day 21. with no scans, im based in buckinghamshire. some hospitals provide folical tracking scans, mine does not. our thought is that id after 3 mnths on 50mg it has not worked we will request that we must have them. after 3 months we go onto 100mg - what measurements are you on?

I also took provera to kick start my bleed, as am irregualr, if at all!

I had to have the die test before being given clomid, which was all ok.

blood tests, scans, die test, are all the norm, as well as your partner giving a sample, x

confu3ed Wed 16-Jun-10 21:11:13

I am going to an infertility clinic in a couple of weeks after a miscarriage TTC for 8 months and a blood test that shows i have low progesterone, (At the scan at my miscarriage the nurse thought I has PSO but I have none of the symptoms).

I have read that Clomid could help me, but would like to know if you ladies asked for it/were offered and how long the process took? Was it on the NHS or do you need to go private? I am 35 and desperate for a baby everyone around me keeps popping them out and I feel awful and useless. My partner has had tests and they are all normal which makes me feel even worse about it all as I know its my fault! I just want to know that all this waiting for NHS appointments is worth it and that things will be sorted soon!

roastie Wed 16-Jun-10 21:23:49

Im due to start 50mg of Clomid at the end of the month. I have had plenty of blood tests, internal scans and the ink test. All looks fine, they did at one point think i had PCO but have ruled that out as im not over weight and didnt have consistent symptoms. My hubby has given several samples as well and they have all been fine.

However saying all of this i have had some unexplained bleeding on day 17 and have read a lot of threads and it COULD and thats a VERY BIG COULD be implantation bleed??? Not getting my hopes up though, but hopefully might not need to takae the clomid. My Hubby isnt too keen on me taking Clomid as his friends wife turned into a physco!!

confu3ed Wed 16-Jun-10 21:27:44

Thanks Roastie, so takes ages then? Did you have to go private for tests? It has taken three months to get this appointment and I just want an end to this!

I will keep my fingers crossed for you, as defo better to not take drugs that make you nuts! For me its not an option as my progesterone levels are just too low.

roastie Wed 16-Jun-10 23:00:52

Hi confu3ed, no i didnt go private. We had been TTC for about 18 months unsuccessfully. I was getting really stressed as my hubby has a child from a previous relationship, so straight away i thought something was wrong. At first they did the ink and that was all fine but when i had a few blood test it looked like my estrogen(i think estrogen) was really low so i had to have the internal scan where they found some small cyst which they thought might be PCO. They then sent me for another blood test and my estrogen levels were now normal so they ruled PCO out. However the Doctor seemed really confused i spent the whole time explaining to her my results so im not confident with them to rule out PCO. If i take the Clomid and dont fall pregnant within the 6months i think i will go private for their point of view.

I just find it all so confusing. Plus im really worried about taking CLomid as i have heard so many bad things about it confused

Dolly99 Thu 17-Jun-10 08:37:29

confu3ed - so sorry to hear of your bad news, i was offered clomid, as was having irreguar periods, and had to have a major op as the scans before being given clomid showed I had a HUGE cyst in my right ovarie, (which was over 12cm big!). The process depends on locations of where you live. I had blood tests, scans, die test, then DH had to give sample, then we got clomid. Ours took a year from 1st appointment, but thats also due to the operation, someone I know had clomid within 2 months. Clomid comes from the NHS, as its the cheapest, yet most effective way to help concieve. I also went through a massive stage where I felt useless, and to blame, and I guess I still do... but what we need to rememember is that we have an amazing partner and what will be will be. When you start clomid you will start to feel more positive and as though it can happen! My prog levels were REALLY low, and after my 1st course of clomid, I have my day 21 blood test tomorrow to find out if they have increased, and indeed if I have ovulated.. we were busy on the right days - so fingers crossed! Try not to get so worked up over this... as that could be why your not getting pregnant, stress is a high factor to why couples do not concieve!

roastie -- oohh exciting - so keep us posted!!! clomid can turn some women physco! but so long as you keep focused on the positives its easier. There are so many horrid stories about clomid, and I wnt lie to you - the week of taking it I was very emotional and it was hard... yet my hubby kept reminding me of why we were doing it, telling me not to get stressed as it wil not help, I was really confused about it all, but now I have had first round of clomid it all makes more sense.

I had to take provera to induce my bleed for me to take the clomid on days 2-6 of bleed. I had to take the provera as my periods were non exsistant! it worked 1st time, then started clomid day 2-6, then 3 days after last bleed I started the ovulation sticks - which show the LH surge (the surge that shows you will ovulate in 24-36 hours). I got this 7 days later, wo was due to ovulate D16. (clomid can make your cycles longer). Then I have my blood test day 21 to see if I have ovulated, depending on how high my progestone levels are.... does this help/make sense?... its not as scary or hard as some people make out... just stay strong, remember what you aiming for, and make sure your partners support your mood swings etc!

*baby dust to you all* xxx

confu3ed Thu 17-Jun-10 21:47:37

Dolly99 Thankyou for your comments it is great to speak to people going through a similar experience as I have felt like no- one understands. I feel like we have been through this for so long now as it was this time last year I miscarried now I know that was because of low progesterone. It took two operations to get rid of retained products spread out over three months and now I am begining to think they cut out my ovaries!
I just hope it does not take too long to get dignosed and get treatment on the Nhs as not knowing is so frustrating!
I hope clomid brings you success quickly as it sounds like you really have been through it. Please keep me posted and let me know how the side effects go! X
Roastie good luck hopefully you will get some good news. I know that there are scary stories about clomid but it does have great success rates. Keep me posted on the side effects though if you do end up taking it and good luck x

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