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CLOMID first time... questions, questions, questions!!!

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babymadness Wed 27-Aug-08 12:22:28

hello... can anyone shed any light? i have pco and have been ttc for 5 years. i am in my first cycle of clomid (day 14) and had a scan today. They said i have 3 big folicles on one ov and one big one on the triplets would be likely! i dont understand fully tho....i thought i ovulated 2 days ago (day 12)...clear, stretchy stuff in pants and pain in ov but the scan showed the folicles so i couldnt have ovulated yet, which is really disappointing as my hubby is away now so no more getting busy! we got busy from day 11, 12 and 13 but am now thinking i may not ovulate as today is 9 days after taking clomid....oh how confusing...i'm giving myself a head ache....oh no...thats clomid!!! anyone have a suggestions for me?! ps have had an ache on the left ov since day 12.....

cjll Mon 08-Sep-08 11:43:37

ahh sorry babymadness,just keep positive and look forward to trying the next round.....i know thats hard i should take my own advise really ,ive still got over a week till i can test and its driving me mad!!!all i can think is baby baby baby!!!
hi numpty id test just to be sure at least u know either way then. xxx

cjll Sat 13-Sep-08 17:39:06

its day 28 of my cicle this wednesday coming so i have to wait and see what happens ,ive just got a feeling inside me that im not pregnant this time,ive had lowerback pain so im probably gonna come on,if i do at least i would have had a normal cicle coz usually i wait 3months a time.where is anyone else on their cicle?

CherryBee Mon 15-Sep-08 14:13:19

Hi Ladies

I am now on my 2nd cycle of Clomid after being diagnosed with Insulin Resistance duly causing mild symptoms of PCOS. Luckily i have a brilliant specialist who has been fantastic.

Follicle scans are really important in order for you to understand what is up in your ovaries and how your body is controlling or rather how the clomid is controlling your body.

You will get head aches because Clomid effectively lies to the pituary gland in your brain telling your brain that you do not have enough eggs, which in turn stimulates the gland to produce a lot of estrogen and therefore Clomid assists in producing eggs.

Now in my first cycle, I was crazy with Clomid because it does do that but you just have to cope and think of the end result.

On day 14 I went for my follicle scan and Doctor was very impressed on how my body had accepted the Clomid, I had 2 19mm follicles in my right ovary, we could not see the right ovary properly so could not tell what had happened.

Well we did the deed for 4 days in a row to fertilise and then the long purgatory wait started eventually resulting in an anxiety attack and straight off to the Doctor who did another scan and saw that everything looked FAB. Both ovaries had ovulated so we were not too sure how many eggs were in the follopian tubes.

I ovulated @ 39.9 after only ovulating @ 27.7 so everything is getting better, unfortunately on Thursday morning i woke up in a pool of blood, went for more blood work ups and no pregnancy(we suspected miscarriage) but it was my menses that had started.

My husband did his spermiogram today to cancel him out as a problem.

Anyway, i also had a Mirena in for 5 years and i firmly believe that was where the problem started.

IF you have any thoughts or ideas, please share them with me as I am here to listen, advise, as well as receive advice

CherryBee Mon 15-Sep-08 14:48:45

Hello Forgot to mention one more thing:

After doing my research on Clomid - One bad thing about(I know there are more) but my relevant one now:

Clomid creates hostility in the cervical mucous towards sperm.


cjll Tue 16-Sep-08 12:58:05

hi cherrybee , how long have you been ttc?
im on day 27 of my cicle its my first cicle ive taken clomid, so just waitng to see if i come on or not .the waiting is driving me mad!!!
about the whole cervical mucous thing i dont know about u but mine seemed to disappear when we were suppost to be trying ,which made doing the deed abit harder!!!(sorry i know thats a lovely subject)

lovings Tue 16-Sep-08 16:47:07

hey ladies

i've been desperately ttc for nearly 2 years, i ovulate ok, have cycles between 28-33 days, had a laproscopy and dye test - fallopian tubes are fine and clear, husbands sperm is good too. was told it was unexplained infertility. about 5 months ago i took 50mg CLOMID for 2 cycles - didnt get pregnant, just got depressed. now my specialist has told me to take it again for 4 cycles this time and i'm also due to have artificial insemination (IUI) in a couple of months. became depressed on clomid and cried for no reason throughout the night so im not looking forward to those side affects but after hearing ur stories i'm hopefull again for my turn to come. wish u all the best xx

CherryBee Wed 17-Sep-08 09:10:12

Hello Lovings

I had my Mirena IUD removed on the 12th October last year and ever since then have been trying.

Also with no success because i did not realise at that point we had a problem because the OBGYN said nothing.

You see my womb lining was beautiful and thick and healthy when i did my tracking a week and a half ago, both ovaries were blooming so we are still a bit puzzled as to why i started my menses as we followed the specialist advice to the T.

Waiting on the spermiogram results to see whats up with the DH.

The Clomid is a bit hectic, Im now on Day 6 of my second cycle of Clomid and I am feeling more in control but I also got the Doctor to prescribe me some mild HAPPY PILLS. They help a stack to handle the crap.

What problems re fertility do you have, is there any prognosis as yet or did your dr want you on Clomid to make everything go quicker

CherryBee Fri 19-Sep-08 11:18:39

Hi Ladies

Just to touch up, DH spremiogram results and I married a stud so Doctor reckons my eggs were not fertilised because it still has to get used to ovulating and kinda forgotten what to do with Sperm LOL

cjll Sat 20-Sep-08 18:16:26

hiya guys tested thismorning and got a BIG FAT NEGAGTIVE so depressing havent come on either so dont know wat the clomid has done for me who knows?

skmf Tue 07-Oct-08 21:41:41

Dear girls

I have just had a scan due to coming off the pill 13 months ago and having no appears it is PCOS. I have got to go back to see the Dr in a couple of weeks. I have had all blood work done and they were all fine it seems, so they have suggested clomid. When i go back in a couple of weeks i am sure they will ask me my decision on clomid. I don't know what to do really. I am all new to this and feel abit lost with the process and how to take clomid and which days to try in the month as i currently have no cycle. Sure these will be Q's for the Dr, but it was good to read all your comments, Good luck to you all. Any help would be well recieved!!

babytink Fri 10-Oct-08 17:10:43

I conceived my daughter on clomid 2 years ago & have recently been for further tests to try for our 2nd child.

The tests have come back that I am not o'ing again so i have been issued more clomid.

I took clomid for 5 days last time & had to go for a bllod test to see if my hormone level had picked up only to discover that i was infact pregnant!!!

I had a really good pregnancy with no complications.

good luck to you all who are trying x

ray81 Fri 10-Oct-08 18:20:52

Hi guys, I am on first moth of cliomid CD 29. I think and stress THINK i Ov on day 16 but cant b sure so wont be due until CD 33 driving me nuts.
I have been trying for 4 and half years and there is no probs with me or DH infact i too married a stud so not sure why isnt happening.
Babytink, do you mean you are Now PG if so congrats thats brill for you.

I realy hope this works for me this month

babytink Tue 14-Oct-08 12:42:08

Hi Ray81..

On Clomid again (2nd pill today 14.10.08) so hopefully fingers crossed it may work for the 2nd time...

I'll keep everything crossed for you & all x

Livvigirl Tue 14-Oct-08 14:45:50

Hi, I have just taken my first course of Clomid, because I have PCOS, which I only found out about once I had the mirena removed, I already have a 4 year old daughter, and cannot believe I am having so much trouble!! But was reassuring to hear Cherrybee say she thought it was the Mirena - so do I.

Has anyone been feeling ill?? My last day of taking Clomid was last friday, and I had to go home early from work yesterday and felt so ill, and spent the night throwing up!! I am still not dressed yet today, and been laying on the sofa so tired!! Is this normal??

millymolly83 Mon 09-Feb-09 02:35:06

hi i had twins 2 years ago on clomid. they are 20 months old now. i want to try again this year. am just wondering if any one can help me will i get clomid again on the nhs? i stay in perth in scotland

cheekymonkeywanted Fri 13-Feb-09 19:14:30

hello all, well here i go again, i concieved on my second round of clomid last year, (i ovulated first time but just didnt fall pregnant), but unfortunatly we lost our little boy at 4 months in novembersad so after a little holiday we are just about to try again.

I have pcos, and am currently on my last 2 days of northisterone (to get aunt flow started) and then on to clomid.

This time round we are not telling people we are starting treatment again, and won't tell people when im pregnant (hopefuly) untill im past four months, and so i would love to help people out and chat to people going through the same thing.

anyway i will keep an eye on the threads and try and help out as much as i can.

Good luck to all.

shm Sat 28-Feb-09 21:29:39


I started clomid in Jan, no luck, and did another go early this month. AF due tomorrow but I don't think it worked again this month.

My specialist is so rubbish - he doesn't tell me anything! not even about side effects, nor the results of my various tests angry. So most of my medical advice I get anecdotally on here! and I follow these types of threads closely to help me understand my medication.

I wasn't ovulating at all, hadn't for a couple of years (no AF, which was very nice actually), due to high levels of prolactin which were caused by SSRI antidepressants.

Our chances of conception are not great, as my partner had a vasectomy about 8 years ago and got it reversed about a year ago, and his sperm counts aren't great. But we'll see.


stevie1402 Sun 15-Mar-09 12:04:02


on my 2nd month of clomid, been trying for 6 years, my sister suggested this site as she went through the same took 5 years until she had her little girl so there is a little hope that it will happen

been lucky that have had no side effects but i am wondering if clomid is working? had to have key hole surgery to remove cyst of an overie and they checked my tubes which are clear. consultant said if nothing happens after 3 months he will increase dosage of clomid possiably.


shm Thu 02-Apr-09 18:56:23


I have just finished my 3rd month of clomid, due to anovulation because of high prolactin levels (but my DH has problems with his little guys, so I am expecting it to take a while)

I see that lots of you are having scans to see if follicles are happening. My specialist has never mentioned scans to me, and I am wondering if I should bother him to have one done? Why do you go have them - just for interest, or is there a medical need for it?

stac14 Fri 03-Apr-09 12:11:12

hi shm this thread seems to be quite inactive why don't you try - its called ttc - clomid - conception there are a few of us on there and you get loads of useful information and support.

By the way my specialist says there is no need to be getting internal scans think this differs from place to place, it is to see if you have enlarged follicles that turn into eggs (ovulation) but even with these scans there is no guarantee that you will go on to ovulate. hopefully see you on the other thread xx

shm Sun 05-Apr-09 19:59:25

Thanks! i will go there.

sammiee2009 Sun 12-Apr-09 19:21:58


My husband and i tried to conceive naturally for 2 1/2 years without success so were advised to try clomid after founding out i had PCOS. Was on it for 6 cycles but it didn't work.

We then went to harley street fertility centre and had 3 lots of IUI but again it failed.

So we decided to try IVF and it worked! We now have a 20 week old baby , our little miracle!

I found out that the surface of my eggs were very thin allowing them to be over fertilised which led to failed pregnancies.
so we had the eggs fertilised one by one with the IVF.

So keep trying there are so many options out there !


OneDayMaybe Mon 27-Apr-09 15:53:46

Hi All Was wondering if any of u ladies had concieved yet as its been a while since you last wrote. Im in the same boat ttc 4 over 3 yrs on 1st round of clomid, ov on 50mg ust waitin to see if i come onhmm Dc thought i had pcos but now decided i havent!?! Soooo wishing my journey wil be a sucessfull one soon ! best of luck girlies xx

badgernflash Tue 26-May-09 14:35:24

hi, ive had my 1st course of chlomid, i had my 21 day blood test last week and the nurse said it was really high...over 200, im a day late on my period but got a negative preg test this morning, im very confused nobody seems to be telling me anything. i have pcos that only developed after i had mirena coil removed, is there a link ? ps im new so if this is to long sorry

CIbberson Thu 04-Jun-09 09:30:29

I was put on Clomid 50 mgc in Jan of this year. So far nothing has happened yet.

However over the last 2 motnhs I have rapidly gain weight with no explantion (have not go up in dress size), also I have swollen feet and ankles and a swollen belly.

Went to the hospital yesterday after phoning them the day before to explain to them what was going on and they said they wanted me for a scan tommorrow first thing. Went for the scan it did not show than anyting appeared to be wrong my right folicle was mature. Nurse suggested I go to the Docotor so have made appointment to see my Doc/

Anyone have any ideas on what is causing this and what I can to do get rid of it.


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