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What is the earliest day you can do a pg test on?

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Gateau Tue 26-Aug-08 14:35:57

I saw something on tv that a new pg test could be used six days before AF is due. Did I get this right? Does anyone know which test this is and it it's reliable?
If not, which are the most relaible tests?

scorpio1 Tue 26-Aug-08 14:39:14

think that is first response.

Earliest i have ever tested is 10 dpo; waiting until 14dpo is much more reliable though, no squinting!

Gateau Tue 26-Aug-08 14:42:33

Sorry; not familiar with all the acronyms. What is dpo?

beanieb Tue 26-Aug-08 14:43:18

Days past ovulation.

nappyaddict Tue 26-Aug-08 14:46:20

i used these which you can use at 7dpo.

nappyaddict Tue 26-Aug-08 14:47:43

i used the strips btw not the midstream ones.

ScaryHairy Tue 26-Aug-08 14:48:14

If you read the packet for the FR test it actually boils down to 4 days before your period is due - i.e. 10dpo. The label is misleading in the extreme IMO.

These tests are "reliable" in that they pick up a small amount of HCG. However, it is very common for eggs to fail to implant properly and so you might be better off waiting until you are late rather than having a BFP at 10dpo and then getting your period, which is a complete rollercoaster when it happens.

Gateau Tue 26-Aug-08 14:49:05

THanks everyone.

ShowOfHands Tue 26-Aug-08 14:49:19

I tested positive 8dpo with the ones nappyaddict refers to.

nappyaddict Tue 26-Aug-08 14:52:09

if on the packet it says 4 days how come on the advert it says 6?

ScaryHairy Tue 26-Aug-08 16:09:57

If you read the instructions they give the example that if you are due on a particular day - day 21 iirc - you can test from day 17.

I'm not sure how they make that 6 days. I suppose counting inclusively it might be 5 days. I suppose if you add another day for the day your period is due and test the first day after your period was due that would make 6.

It is very misleading IMO. Most women, when seeing an HPT saying they can test 4 days early would, with a 14 day luteal phase, consider that to be 10dpo. FR would consider that to be "6 days before your missed period" or whatever wording it is that they use.

OracleInaCoracle Tue 26-Aug-08 16:22:47

always wait until the day your period is due. these tests are not as accurate until then. save your money and your sanity!

ajm200 Tue 26-Aug-08 16:35:34

Wait until your period is due. If you read the small print you'll find that they are very inaccurate. Saying that, I did get a positive on a cheapo sainsburys test 5 days early.

beanieb Tue 26-Aug-08 16:38:05

My period is due today! I am only 10DPO though so I am waiting. grin

oh yes i am! I AM!

BeckyMcG Tue 26-Aug-08 16:51:33

These tests seem much cheaper than the ones I've been buying from chemist. Have just ordered a pack if 4 for £3.99 ready for next month!
thanks :-)

WorzselMummage Tue 26-Aug-08 17:38:36

I got a bfp @ 9 dpo on an ebay strip grin

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