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Af, pg or O?? symptom spotting!

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dinkyboysmum Tue 26-Aug-08 10:10:53

so how do i know whether AF is approaching, i'm pg or mid cycle O time?

I have very sore (.)(.) and keep getting crampy twinges (quite sharp, not like a dull ache iykwim). not sure about ewcm as can never tell the difference between sperm & ewcm (sorry-tmi!). dont use O=predictor kits, the month we conceived ds1 i never got the LH surge according to predictor so figured they are waste of money. ds is now 16 months & cycles vary between 28 days - 46 days! am now cd27. really dont want to do pg test, as cant do it emotionally or financially!

any thoughts?

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 26-Aug-08 14:02:38

How long have you been ttc?.

Your cycles would be seen as irregular if they are varying by this much. A "normal" cycle is a cycle length of between 21 and 35 days OR if there is four days or less of variation from month to month.

The symptoms you describe could be indicative of AF's imminent arrival. I would not test under these circumstances.

If your cycles stay between 28-46 days over the next 2-3 months I would visit your Doctor and ask to have a blood test done to see what your hormone levels are like. This would give an accurate picture (unlike opk's).

dinkyboysmum Tue 26-Aug-08 14:05:53

am still bf ds1 so gp said this may be why cycles are not regular. we are only on cycle #3 of ttc dc2. maybe i should stop bf...?

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