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confused please help

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lostittoday Mon 25-Aug-08 18:09:47

From previous posts your probably aware that I have been ttc my 2nd dc for a year now. and am under investigation for possible early menopause.
I am really quite confused at the moment as to what could possibly be happening with my useless body.
My af has been absent now for 4 months and a test done in June showed my fsh has been sky high at 62.
However despite no proper af for 4 months I have had some very slight brown spotting which lasted about 3 days the same length of time as what my af would usually last.
As well as this I have been feeling pre menstrual for a number of weeks on and off just like when I am about to get my af and I have also sorry to be gross but I have been getting the thick stretchy egg white discharge on and off.
Sorry I am just so confused as to what all of this could mean.
Despite no periods for 4 months and possible early menopause with a sky high fsh I have continued ttc just in case.
Can anybody shred any light on what could be happening if I was menopausel would I have got the brown spotting and the egg white discharge coupled with mild menstrual cramps.
I feel like such a loon who has become obsessed with every little symptom.

nobodysfool Mon 25-Aug-08 18:42:43

Sorry, no advice but bumping till the experts are around.

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