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Best early tests?

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anxiouspants Fri 22-Aug-08 16:29:09

I have no idea about any of this blush so please help. When is the earliest you can test (that a test could pick up)? Are there any brands that are particularly reliable for early testing or that are good value for money?

ScaryHairy Fri 22-Aug-08 16:39:16

Although some tests claim to be accurate "6 days before your period is due" I have always found that the earliest I can get a reliable result is 11 or 12 dpo.

Having said that, you could well test at 12 dpo and get a negative which, had you waited a couple more days, would have been a positive, because of the variable length of time implantation can take.

First Response tests seem to be fairly sensitive but if you test early, get a positive and then the pregnancy fails to implant properly (as is very common) that is a real rollercoaster.

So, if you can, it is better to wait until your period is late and then to test using something a bit less sensitive that requires more of the pregnancy hormones to produce a positive.

You can buy tests on the internet which are relatively cheap. A website I have used in the past is Access Diagnostics.

anxiouspants Fri 22-Aug-08 16:42:05

Thank you smile I'll look at that site now.

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