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Scared myself silly, worried I cant conceive after having pelvic inflammatory disease

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summer01 Fri 22-Aug-08 14:58:46

I have a dd whos 3 now and starting to think about another baby, the plan is to come off the pill next month. However, I've just read that women who've had pelvic inflammatory disease may not be able to conceive because of scar tissue to the fallopian tubes from the infection, if they do conceive they're more at risk from miscarriage and ectopic pregnancies.

Feel absolutely devastated now. Picked up this awful infection about a week after giving birth to my daughter, I had a really bad tear so loads of stitches. Took months to get rid of the infection had about 3 course of antibiotics. At time the gp asked if I'd had unprotected sex because it can be a sexually transmitted disease... At the time I thought nothing of it (told gp I was to sore to be having sex with my husband let alone anyone else!) but now I know why the gp asked. Apparently they refer people to a special GUM clinic for this disease normally.

So scared I wont be able to get pregnant and I've failed before I even try. Has anyone else conceived after having this awful infection??

Mummyfor3 Fri 22-Aug-08 15:12:37

Oh, Summer, you DID NOT HAVE PELVIC INFLAMMATORY DISEASE after your last delivery! Relax! From what you are posting you are als likely as anybody else to conceive again.

PID refers to infection INSIDE the pelvis, often due to Chlamydia or other STDs. What you are describing in your post sounds more like a nasty wound infection. If you are very worried about PID you can always get a full (confidential) STD screen done at any local Family Planning Clinig/GU clinic/GP surgery (?) for reassurance. Equally, it would not be unreasonable for you to just go ahead and try grin provided you do not have any symptoms or had a new partner since you had your child.

And, yes, some lucky people have conceived after PID. Conception is more commonly a problem after prolonged untreated infection.

So, good luck to yousmile.

summer01 Fri 22-Aug-08 15:19:02

Thanks mummyfor3, thats made me feel better! Got myself into a bit of a tizz about it all.

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